All the fonts you're using are listed under My Adobe Fonts. From here, you can:

  • manage your current font selections,
  • view your activation history,
  • reinstall active fonts that are no longer in use,
  • edit your web font projects,
  • browse fonts you’ve marked as a favorite, and
  • find any fonts you've purchased & added to your account.


Fonts from the default & Japanese collections are organized separately in your Adobe Fonts account. Use the mode selector at the top of the page to switch between the two views.

Active Fonts

Active Fonts are fonts you have activated through the Creative Cloud desktop application to use in your desktop software programs.

In the Active Fonts tab you can manage the fonts you have selected and reinstall your active fonts that are no longer in use.

The Active Fonts tab under My Adobe Fonts; Museo and Museo Sans are listed in the font selections.

We recommend removing fonts you no longer use to keep your font menu short and optimize performance.

There are a few options for removing font selections:

  1. use the Deactivate switch next to a font family name to remove the entire font family
  2. use the Deactivate switch next to an individual font style to remove a single font
  3. use the Bulk Deactivate tool to select and deactivate larger groups of fonts
Menu option to deactivate groups of fonts.

Using the Bulk Deactivate tool:

  1. choose which bulk action you’d like to take in the dropdown menu
  2. click the Deactivate button next to the menu
  3. confirm you want to deactivate the fonts

It may take a few minutes for the fonts to be removed from your computer, depending on how many were selected.

We keep track of the fonts you’ve used before in your Previously Active tab, so you'll be able to find and activate them again.


How to reinstall your active fonts that are no longer in use

If you’re using Adobe fonts in an older version of Creative Cloud or in a third party app, you may notice that Creative Cloud periodically cleans up fonts that you don’t appear to be using.

When Creative Cloud applications haven’t been updated, fonts that have not been used in over 60 days will be uninstalled from your system. However, the fonts will remain in your active fonts list unless you choose to deactivate them.  

If you’re using updated Creative Cloud apps, you’ll continue to see your active fonts in the font menus of your applications, regardless of how often you use them.

You can quickly reinstall fonts that are no longer in use by clicking the cloud icon next to the font name in the Active Fonts tab. If you have any project files that use uninstalled fonts, you will need to reinstall the fonts before continuing.

image of the reinstall fonts icon

Previously Active

The Previously Active tab shows the font history on your account. Fonts you’ve deactivated in the past twelve months are listed, so you can find them again any time you need them.

The Previously Active fonts tab is selected, showing six font families.

Web Projects

All of your web projects are listed in the Web Projects section. Click the Edit Project link to change the font selections for that project, update the language support, or delete it.

A dynamic web project.


Fonts you’ve purchased from one of our foundry partners are listed in the Purchased tab.

A list of fonts you've purchased and added to your account.


Click the heart icon to add a font family to your Favorites, and it will be included in this list.

The Favorites tab under My Adobe Fonts; Brandon Grotesque, Abril, and Baroque Text JF are listed as favorites.

Manage fonts in Creative Cloud desktop

Click the icon in the upper right corner of Creative Cloud desktop to view the font management panel. From there you can quickly deactivate fonts you no longer need, reinstall fonts you haven't used in Creative Cloud lately, or access your previously active fonts to see what you've activated in the past.

reinstall fonts