Configure the Adobe PDF Creation Add-on installed with FrameMaker 8

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Adobe FrameMaker 8 includes the Adobe PDF Creation Add-on to enable FrameMaker to create PDF files that are compatible with Acrobat 8 (PDF version 1.7). The Add-on installs an Adobe PDF Printer that can be selected when printing from FrameMaker.

Install and uninstall the PDF Creation Add-on


When installing FrameMaker 8, you are presented the option to install the PDF Creation Add-On. However, you can install the add-on separately using its own installer found in the pdfcreation folder on the installation disk.


The Add-on appears as its own entry in the Add/Remove Programs control panel. Select the listing for the Add-on and click the Change/Remove button to uninstall it from the system.

Installing the Add-On with Adobe Acrobat

The PDF Creation Add-on cannot co-exist with Adobe Acrobat on the same system.

  • If a version of Acrobat (Professional, Standard, or Elements) earlier than 8.1 exists on the system, then installing the Add-on will remove that application in its entirely. This includes the ability to view and edit PDF files in Acrobat.
  • If Acrobat 8.1 or later, or Acrobat 3D 8 or later, is installed on the system, then the installer for the Add-on will indicate that a more functional version of the application already exists on the system.

The PDF Creation Add-on can be installed on the same system with any version of the Adobe Reader.

Configuring the Add-on

The PDF Creation Add-on installs the Adobe PDF Printer in the Printers folder that can be printed to by FrameMaker. The options for configuring this printer (such as choosing PDF settings) can be configured by accessing the properties of the printer.

To access the Adobe PDF Printer options:

  1. Open the Printers folder.
  2. Right-click on Adobe PDF Printer.
  3. Choose Properties.
  4. Choose the General tab.
  5. Click Printing Preferences.
  6. Choose the Adobe PDF Settings tab.


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