Adobe FrameMaker 12.0.4 ReadMe

This document provides information on the enhancements and issues resolved in the latest FrameMaker update 12.0.4.


Most issues listed below are relevant to both FrameMaker and FrameMaker XMLAuthor. Issues relevant to only FrameMaker are labeled Fm Only.

Feature enhancements

  1. The following dialogs are now resizable:

    • DITA client dialogs
    • TOC dialog (Fm Only)
    • List and Index dialog (Fm Only)
  2. Pods aligned at the bottom on the FrameMaker window are now not grayed if a user reduces its width.

  3. The following updates are implemented in the View->Color->Definitions dialog:

    • The slider moves based on the values entered in Red/Green/Blue text boxes.
    • The Color viewer is updated based on the entered value in Hex code of the color.
    • User can now enter integer RGB values instead of only percentage values.

    (Fm Only)

  4. The drop-down lists in the following dialogs are editable. This allows users to filter the list as the user types in the Tag and Family fields:

    • Character Designer
    • Paragraph Designer
    • Table Designer
  5. Any pods that are in-focus are highlighted as an indication to users of the selected pod.

  6. The AS-IS state of the check box in the Conditional Tags pod is now read-only. The user cannot set this state.

  7. The following changes are now available in the Add/Edit Conditional Tags (Fm Only), User Defined Variables, and System Variables dialogs:

    • The Add and Edit buttons are replaced by the Create / Update buttons.
    • The Goto location button has been removed. Instead, the user now needs to double-click
      on the item to go to the item location in the document.
  8. The updated CHM used for offline help in the FrameMaker Help viewer is available in the current update.

  9. The user now has the option to choose whether or not to use images from reference pages in a FrameMaker document in the published output. (Fm Only)

  10. A new option in the Optimization tab is provided to allow users to choose whether or not to retain the SVG output of images in the Responsive HTML5 output. (Fm Only)

Issues resolved 

  1. The contents of a body page does not appear in a CMYK PDF if a .ai file is placed in the header of the corresponding master page.
    (Ref# 3834132)
  2. The entire Resource Manager view window is selected on minimizing and then maximizing it by clicking the gray area.
    (Ref# 3914791)
  3. If the last location of a modal dialog is outside the visible screen, the dialog does not automatically align itself when the user reopens the dialog.
    (Ref# 3858669)
  4. FrameMaker crashes if a user attempts to drag-and-drop the text from a Graphic line.
    (Ref# 3855568)
  5. FrameMaker hangs if a user opens an XML book or if the user makes any subsequent book update.
    (Ref# 3853128)
  6. FrameMaker crashes if a user deletes the Comment tag and then saves the document to FrameMaker 11.
    (Ref# 3849224 - Fm Only)
  7. FrameMaker crashes if a conref is applied to the root element of a DITA topic.
    (Ref# 3831536)
  8. The Show / Hide dialog has issues with docking and the scroll bar if a user switches between workspaces.
    (Ref# 3920120)
  9. The sliders in the Color Definition dialogs are not prominent. They appear to be disabled.
    (Ref# 3920117 - Fm Only)
  10. Refreshing the catalog removes the highlight from the current active tag in the Paragraph and Character Designers.
    (Ref# 3920114 - Fm Only)
  11. If a user defines bottom and right margins on an image in a document, the margins display incorrectly in the published output.
    (Ref# 3910121 - Fm Only)
  12. If a Responsive HTML5 output displays a large TOC, clicking a topic in the lower portion of the TOC causes the TOC to scroll up. This issue can be confusing to the end-user since the selected topic in the TOC moves down.
    (Ref# 3910639 - Fm Only)
  13. The print output in Internet Explorer using the Responsive HTML5 print button does not print the entire contents of the output. Only a small section of the top of the output is printed.
    (Ref# 3910640 - Fm Only)
  14. In the Help viewer, context-sensitive URLs of Responsive HTML 5 output do not open further links.
    (Ref# 3910648 - Fm Only)
  15. If a user rotates an image by 360 degrees, the image is resaved and there is a loss in quality of the image in the published output.
    (Ref# 3910654 - Fm Only)
  16. In the TOC of the Responsive HTML5 output, a user is unable to collapse a topic hierarchy by clicking the expand / collapse icon. Clicking the link or the expand / collapse icon causes the topic to remain expanded.
    (Ref# 3910661 - Fm Only)
  17. If topic name is defined in the Topic Pattern Name field of the Other Settings tab of the Publish Settings dialog, the topic title appears in the search results instead of the topic name.
    (Ref# 3910641 - Fm Only)
  18. If the text contents of a page in the Response HTML5 output exceeds the screen view, you cannot scroll the page on an Apple iOS8.1 device.
    (Ref# 3910642 - Fm Only)
  19. For the Standard and Black Theme layouts, clicking the print button on the search results page, prints the previously opened topic instead of the search results page.
    (Ref# 3919334 - Fm Only)
  20. Webhelp projects viewed on a Mac machine become unresponsive if the user reaches the end of the Index. Also, the browser displays an unresponsive script warning.
    (Ref# 3919343 - Fm Only)
  21. WebHelp published output does not display the TOC, Index, Glossary, or Search on Mozilla Firefox version 35.
    (Ref# 3923069 - Fm Only)


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