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VIP program guide for Commercial and Government: Overview

The Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is a subscription licensing program with simple and secure management capabilities, flexible terms that give you lots of choices, and discount levels that increase as you make additional purchases.

The VIP program guide for Commercial and Government has eight sections: (1) Overview; (2) VIP Select; (3) Subscription term options; (4) Enrollment; (5) Adding and deploying licenses; (6) Dates; (7) Renewals; and (8) Support and resources. Use the list of topics to easily switch among the eight different sections.

Easy access to Adobe subscription apps and services

VIP helps organizations of all sizes manage licenses of industry-leading Adobe apps like Creative Cloud, Acrobat, Adobe Stock, Adobe Acrobat Sign, Substance, Captivate, and Presenter.

Term of your choice with high flexibility: annual or extended

You choose the length of the subscription term— 1 year, 18 months, or longer. 

VIP for all: from small work groups to entire enterprises

See how VIP can suit all your organization regardless of its size or varying demands

VIP for enterprise-wide needs

It’s a given that large organizations have rapidly expanding and evolving needs. VIP is designed to meet those changing needs. Membership is ongoing, managing users and licenses is easy with the Admin Console, and, as purchases increase, VIP Select offers even greater savings.

VIP for IT teams

VIP is full of features that make IT’s life easier. Whether assigning licenses to 3 or 300 employees, deployment is a snap with the Admin Console, and it’s easy to assign or revoke licenses at any time. And advanced 24/7 tech support ensures deployments keep running.

VIP for government needs

Whether a department or agency needs a few licenses or hundreds, VIP has an option to fit a limited budget, align with that budget’s cycles, and meet stringent security standards. With a centralized license management tool, you can easily and securely administer licenses and monitor storage.

VIP for procurement specialists

Scale with ease. There’s lower upfront spending, and you get exclusive feature updates at no additional cost. It’s easy to adapt as the team grows, and volume purchases lead to more savings. You can choose your Anniversary Date, which means purchases prorate to the same date—and you avoid surprises.

Choose a VIP option that's right for your organization

Annual subscription

Extended subscription

3-year commit option

Subscription length

1 year

Up to 3 years
(VIP Member selects Anniversary Date)

Up to 3 years (through 2 renewals)


1+ licenses

1+ licenses

10+ licenses


Pay upfront

Pay upfront

Pay annually


Can achieve a Discount Level with as few as 10 licenses

Can achieve a Discount Level with as few as 10 licenses

Set price* for up to 3 years with license commitment

Additional options

Link affiliated VIPs

Link affiliated VIPs

Link affiliated VIPs

Examples of different needs and VIP solutions

Discount on all purchases with VIP Select

Need: An organization has evolving, expanding software needs and would like added discounts.

VIP Solution: With VIP Select, the organization can purchase 10 licenses or more at one time and get a set discount level on all subsequent purchases in a term. And the organization can qualify for even higher discount levels with purchases of 50 or 100 licenses.

Budget predictability with VIP

Need: An organization is on a tight but guaranteed budget, with funding coming at the same time each year.

VIP Solution: The organization chooses its annual payment date to align with its predictable influx of technology funding.

Extended paid-upfront subscription option

Need: A customer wants to pay upfront for a period longer than 12 months.

VIP Solution: An organization can pay for all licenses upfront for up to 3 years with an extended paid upfront subscription.

3-year Commit subscription option

Need: An organization seeks budget predictability and wants to pay annually. However, it's not sure how many licenses it will need over the next few years.

VIP Solution: In addition to the discount level—on all purchases—with VIP 3-year commit, the organization can pay annually with a set price* on the license quantity defined at the beginning of the 3-year commit agreement. The organization can add additional licenses at the same price for up to three years. Also, customers get deeper discounts by signing up for 3-year commit vs. signing up for 1 year.  See 3-year Commit details in the VIP Select section.

Linked Membership with VIP Select

Need: A consortium or affiliated organizations have vastly different software needs but would like to benefit as much as possible from volume discounts.

VIP Solution: Linked Membership allows for purchasing and managing licenses separately by the affiliates while ensuring that all qualified affiliates receive the combined high-volume reward of those aggregated purchases. Reaching 10 licenses qualifies for the discounts of VIP Select.



* Specific pricing is always between the Account Manager and the VIP Member. If you purchase through a reseller, then your Account Manager is your reseller. Adobe will offer the same price to Adobe’s direct channel partner during a 3-year commit term.  Certain currencies may be affected by fluctuations in exchange rates.

‡ 3-year commit option is not available for customers with Extended paid up-front subscriptions.


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