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Adobe Sign for SAP SuccessFactors: Recruiting Installation Guide

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Adobe Sign for SAP SuccessFactors: Recruiting Installation Guide has been deprecated. Refer to the Adobe Sign for SAP SuccessFactors: Cloud Foundry Installation Guide for integrating Adobe Acrobat Sign with SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP SuccessFactors Provisioning

The following topics explain how to install and do provisioning for Acrobat Sign for SAP SuccessFactors: Recruiting.

Add new field for Signed offer letter

You can add a new field in the Recruiter (Job Application) screen to store the signed offer letter. To do so: 

  1. Access Provisioning and download the Requisition and Application template.

  2. Add a new field definition in the application template to have it appear on the form.

  3. Add field permission based on implementation method (single-stage or multi-stage). Example Single Stage in the Application template.

  4. Upload the templates in Provisioning and test your changes.

Add a button for saving the offer letter

  1. Export language pack.

    Edit Company settings

  2. Select your language and then select Download default labels.

    It downloads a CSV file that should be adjusted, as shown below.

    Download default labels

  3. Import the updated language pack (.csv) to Provisioning.

    File that you must upload to provisioning.

Create field for Offer Letter in the Candidate Profile

  1. Modify the "Candidate Profile Template" XML by adding the following lines:

    Field definition:

    <field-definition sensitive="false" anonymize="false" custom="true" required="false" type="text" id="cust_offerLetter">

    <field-label mime-type="text-plain"><![CDATA[Documents ]]></field-label>

    <field-label lang="en_GB" mime-type="text-plain"><![CDATA[Offer Letter]]></field-label>

    <field-label lang="en_US" mime-type="text-plain"><![CDATA[Offer Letter]]></field-label>

    <field-description><![CDATA[Offer Letter ]]></field-description>

    <field-description lang="en_GB"><![CDATA[Offer Letter]]></field-description>

    <field-description lang="en_US"><![CDATA[Offer Letter]]></field-description>


    Field permissions:

    <field-permission type="read"><role-name><![CDATA[Candidate]]>


    <field refid="cust_offerLetter"/>


  2. Configure the reportable custom field using these steps:

    1. Navigate to Provisioning > Configure Reportable Custom Fields.
    2. Enter the custom fields defined in the XML file.
    3. Select Save Extended Field Mapping.
    4. Select Synchronize Existing Data.
      If you have added or changed custom Candidate reporting fields, this option updates any reportable data.

Modify offer letter template

To adjust the offer letter template:

  1. Log in to SAP SuccessFactors using your admin credentials.

  2. Navigate to HomeAdmin Center > Recruiting > Manage Offer Letter Templates.

  3. Select the relevant offer letter template and select Edit

  4. From the top menu of the template, select the image tool icon to add a new image.

  5. To configure the Image Properties, select the Image Info tab and enter the following details:

    • Set the Width value to 100%
    • Set the Height value to 117
    • Set the URL to the account-specific Image URL
    1. Navigate to the adobesign webapp running on the provider sub-account in SCP. 
    2. Copy the Application URL (https://{mycustomdomain}
    SCP Cockpit Application URLs

    To create the Image URL:

    1. Paste the application URL into the URL field (or on a notepad if you prefer)
    2. Append the following to the application URL: /Images/Recruiting - Offer Letter.png
      Example: https://{mycustomdomain} - Offer Letter.png

    To create the Link URL:

    1. Paste the application URL into the URL field (or on a notepad if you prefer)
    2. Append the following to the application URL: /AdobeSign?JobApplication=[[APPLICATION_ID]
      Example: https://{mycustomdomain}[[APPLICATION_ID]]
  6. Select the Link tab and enter the following details:

    • Enter the account specific Link URL into the URL field (refer the previous step)
    • Set the Target dropdown to Same Window (_self).


Admin Tile

Home Page - V12

Once subscribed, the tile for Recruiting (for Admin login) is automatically available in the homepage:


The Admin Tile's navigation URL must be the same as the Java app URL generated from SAP BTP and should be in the following format:


Example URL:

Home Page - V3

Once subscribed, the tile for Recruiting (for Admin login) is automatically available in the SFSF and can be included in the Home Page from the ‘Manage Home Page’ administration. Move the new tile from the Not Used section to the Default section (or to the desired custom section):

Job Application Status Change (optional)

To add a new 'Offer Accepted' status in the Job Application process, go to Provisioning Applicant Status Configuration > Edit Base

  1. Go to Provisioning Applicant Status Configuration > Edit Base.

  2. Add New Status of Type as In Progress. You must use the exact status name 'Offer Accepted.'

    The New status becomes available to add to any of the status sets available for the instance. 

  3. Go to Provisioning > Applicant Status Configuration > Add New.

    The newly created Status set is populated with the system statuses, and you can add further statuses from the base to the pipeline.

  4. To use the status in your recruiting process, navigate to Edit Applicant Status Configuration and edit the Status Set marked as 'Default.'

  5. Select Add New, and from the PickList, select the Offer Accepted status and set all the needed options.

    Status from Base

    Edit status settings

    Selectable by:


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