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Tips for success

Discover what it takes to sell your work on Adobe Stock.  

Follow these best practices to make sure your content gets accepted by the Adobe Stock team — and then gets noticed by customers: 

Aim for quality.

Craftsmanship is essential, so work hard to master your media. Also, keep an eye out for interesting moments and themes. The most successful Adobe Stock content communicates concepts and emotions in a thoughtful or unique way, or it brings relevant moments, settings, topics, or industries into focus.

Be inclusive.

Adobe is committed to making authentic and culturally representative imagery more widely available, and we're seeing big demand for content that accurately depicts the diverse range of ethnicities, genders, ages, skin types, and abilities that make up our world. Keep an inclusive mindset and create work that shows real people in everyday situations, workplaces, and homes. 

Know the requirements.

Make sure the content you submit meets our technical, legal, and quality requirements. Get the details in the “Legal requirements” and “Content requirements and tips” sections of this guide. 

Add effective titles and keywords.

Use titles and keywords to describe your content in accurate and specific ways. Check out the “Titles and keyword tips” section of this guide to learn more.

Be persistent.

Even if your initial submissions are rejected, don’t give up. We offer lots of guidance on popular stock trends and the themes and subjects we’re looking for, so you can always keep working at your craft and try again.  

Protect yourself.

Understand and abide by intellectual property laws. If you create stock content that includes recognizable people or property, get permission by having the people or owners sign a model release or property release

Don’t spam.

Submit only your best content and be sure that each submission offers something different. Too many uploads of similar or identical content may be perceived as spam by our moderation team and can result in your account being blocked or even permanently closed. Learn more about the difference between useful content variations and content that may be rejected as spam.


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