Learn how to use the Creative Cloud Log Collector tool to help troubleshoot any issues you are facing with your Creative Cloud apps.

What is the Creative Cloud Log Collector tool?

The Creative Cloud Log Collector tool helps collect troubleshooting information for your installed Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

The tool generates a signed ZXP file, which you are prompted to send to Adobe. Adobe uses the information contained in the ZXP file to identify bugs and to make improvements in Creative Cloud software products. You can open the ZXP file any time to review the information collected. This information can include your encrypted unique Adobe user identifier, product serial number, and debug and installer log file information.

By downloading and running the Log Collector tool and sharing the ZXP file with Adobe, you consent to Adobe’s use of the information as described.


The Log Collector tool doesn't collect installation logs for Acrobat. However, you can use the tool to collect log files for the download and licensing process for Acrobat. To learn how to locate and interpret the installation log files manually, see Troubleshoot install issues with log files | Creative Cloud.

How to use the Log Collector tool

  1. Download the Log Collector tool from one of the following links, depending on your operating system:

  2. Do one of the following, depending on your OS:

    • Windows: Double-click the LogCollectorTool.exe file. Specify a location to extract the file, and then click Next.
    • macOS: Double-click the LogCollectorTool.dmg file. Then double-click the Log Collector tool icon to open the Log Collector tool.
  3. Read the licensing information that appears on the screen, and then click Continue.

    Creative Cloud Log Collector tool licensing information: Windows
    Licensing information: Windows
    Creative Cloud Log Collector tool licensing information: macOS
    Licensing information: macOS

  4. Click Continue. The Log Collector tool begins collecting the log and debug files from your computer.

  5. The collected log files are saved as a ZXP file on your desktop. The location of the file is displayed on the screen once the logs are successfully collected. Click Upload (Windows) or Continue (macOS) to share the log files with Adobe. The logs are uploaded and you receive a confirmation mail at your registered email address.


    If you are not signed in to Creative Cloud, contact Adobe Customer Care to share the files.

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