You can get documents signed by others using the Send for Signature tool, which relies on cloud services provided by Adobe Sign. It lets signers quickly sign agreements from anywhere using a web browser or mobile device. Signers are not required to sign up or purchase any Adobe product to sign the agreements.


Get agreements signed by others online

Besides PDF, you can send Microsoft Office files, various image files, HTML files, and text files for signing. Supported file types are: DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, CSV, HTML, HTM, TIFF, TIF, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, and PNG.


Complete your edits before you sign. The signed agreement is certified by Adobe Sign. Edits to the signed agreement will lose the certification.

Steps to send documents for signature:

  1. Sign in to Adobe Document Cloud Home at with your Adobe ID and password, or with your social (Facebook or Google) account.

  2. In the Quick Start section, click Send For Signature.

  3. In the Send for Signature landing page, do the following:

    1. In the To field, add recipient email addresses. By default, Complete in Order setting is turned on. Enter the email addresses in the order you want the document to be signed. The numbers by the email addresses reflect the participation order. If you do not want to follow any particular order for signing, toggle the switch to Complete In Any Order.
      (Optional) Click Add Me, if you want to be included as a signer of the document.
    2. Change the default text in the Message area as appropriate.
      (Optional) If you want to add more people just for information, use the Show CC button to add their email addresses to the CC list.
    3. (Optional) Select Password Protect if you require recipients to enter a password to open and view the signed PDF file.
    4. (Optional) Select Set Reminder to set the frequency of reminders to be sent until the agreement is completed.
    5. Click Add Files and then browse and select the document.
    Send for Signature options
    A. Recipient email B. Message C. Password protect D. Set reminder E. Add files 


    To get a detailed description on any of these options, click the more info  icon.

  4. Click Next.

  5. The document is now ready for adding fields that you want the signers to fill in or sign. The form fields are automatically detected in the PDF. Click the icon to place the detected form fields in the PDF document. Alternatively, drag fields from the tabs in the right pane and drop the fields where desired in the document.

    Note: If you have added multiple documents, the documents are converted into PDFs and combined into a single file. The combined file is opened for you to add appropriate fields.

    Add form fields

    For more information on adding form fields, see

  6. When you've placed all desired fields in the document, click Send. The agreement is sent for signature to the recipients and a confirmation notice is displayed.

    Document sent confirmation

    A copy of the sent agreement is also stored in your Adobe Document Cloud account. The Recent section at the bottom area of the Home page lists all the agreements you’ve sent for signature recently. Alternatively, to see the list of all your agreements, click For Signature in the sidebar of the Document Cloud Home.

Track agreements sent for signature

In addition to the existing Adobe Sign Manage interface, you can also use the new For Signature experience to track and manage your agreements and templates.

  1. In the sidebar of Document Cloud Home, click For Signature.

    Track sent agreements
    A. All Sign agreements B. Select agreements or templates C. Filter agreements by status 

    A. For Signature: All the agreements sent for signature are displayed along with the following information:

    • Name: Name of the agreement sent for signature.
    • Modified: The timestamp of the last activity performed on the agreement.
    • Status: Number of people who have completed the agreement.

    B. Filter by agreements or templates: Sign Agreements are selected by default. To see Sign templates, click Sign Templates.

    C. Filter agreements by status: Sign agreements are listed by last modified date. To filter agreements by status, click the filter icon and choose an appropriate status.

    Filter Sign agreements by status
  2. Select the agreement to view the more details. A thumbnail of the agreement is displayed in the right pane. You can perform any of the following actions:

    • To view the activity, expand the list by clicking the arrow key ().
    • Set Reminder for the recipients or yourself.
    • Cancel agreement.
    • Add a personal Note.
    • Download Audit Trail.
    View PDF details

The Adobe Sign Manage toggle button () used to switch between the integrated Adobe Sign view, and the DC Sign agreements and templates is now removed.

For Signature page

The For Signature page is displayed as per your current selection. If you want to switch the view from DC Sign agreements and templates view to Adobe Sign view or vice versa, use the preference from within the Document Cloud settings as mentioned below.

  1. In the Document Cloud Home, click your profile and then click Settings.

    Access the Adobe Sign Manage dashboard
  2. In the Signature Settings, select the option Use Adobe Sign Manage and click Save.

    Deselect the option Use Adobe Sign Manage

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