Frequently Asked Questions for Learners


Learning Manager Learning Programs are renamed to Learning Paths. This change happens immediately after the October 2021 release and the terminology of Learning Path is reflected for all roles.

Course Catalog displays all the courses that you are eligible for. If your Manager nominates courses for you, you get a notification with an option to accept or reject the course.

However, you have an option to go through any of the courses listed under CATALOG by following the steps below:

  1. Choose the course and hover the mouse over the corresponding course thumbnail.
  2. Click EXPLORE which appears on the thumbnail.
  3. You can view all the details about the course. An Enroll button appears at the upper-right corner of the page.
  4. To add this course to your My Courses list, click Enroll.

Yes, you can access the offline content through IPad, Android tabs, and Smartphones.

For more information on offline access, refer to iPad and Android tablet users feature.

You can search for any of the learning objects using free text search field in Catalog and Learning content tabs.

Click the search field. You can search-as-you-type in this field. View the search results in the drop-down and choose the appropriate option to view the results.

Yes, you can compare your learning points with your peers. Hover the mouse over the profile circle. You can view your own points here. To view the Leaderboard dialog, click Go to Leaderboard. In this dialog, you can view the list of your peers around the similar rank as you.

For more information, refer to Leaderboard feature.

Course effectiveness is evaluated to understand the usefulness of a course to the learner. It is calculated based on the feedback received by number of users for a particular course. If the percentage of learners giving feedback is more, the course effectiveness rating is high.

It is a combination of results from learner feedback on the course content, the course quiz results for a learner and the manager’s feedback evaluating a learner based on learnings from the course.

In Courses tab, a learner can view the course effectiveness rating on the course thumbnails 

To view the details of course effectiveness rating, click the course effectiveness value. A pop-up appears.

Click the down-arrow at the lower-right corner of the pop-up to view how course effectiveness calculations are done.

In Learning tab, you can view all the courseslearning programs and certifications that are enrolled by you or assigned to you. You can also move to learning tab by clicking the Go to Learning link.

In Catalog tab, you can see all the courses, learning programs and certifications that are available for your role in the company account. You can also move to Catalog tab, by clicking Go To Catalog link.

In this section, you can see the alerts for all courses, certifications, and learning programs in ascending order of the deadlines. The deadlines for each of your learning activities are displayed at the left pane.

Click each learning object to view the corresponding information at the right pane. You can click the course/learning program/certification tile to view the complete information of each learning object.

Hover the mouse on the timeline area to view the scroll bar at the right-side. Use the scroll bar to move up or down and view more alerts.

Skills map is a grouping of skill sets, knowledge, and traits of an employee in an organization. These skills maps help companies/organizations to set or raise the performance expectations for its employees. Skills enable employees to align their behaviors to organizational expectations.

When learners complete taking up some courses, learners can know their standing against each skill by viewing the skill maps.

View skill maps

To view the skills, click any one of the skill names in the skills map area at the upper-right corner of your landing page. Skills are displayed along with their levels next to them.

For more information, refer to Skills and levels feature.

Yes, you can access Learning Manager on smartphones, iPads,  or any other Android tablets.

For more information on this feature, refer iPad and Android app users feature.

Yes, Learning Manager can be accessed using an iPad. You can download the app from app store or from Google Play.

Only learner role features can be accessed using an iPad or any Android tablet. You can also consume courses offline and sync up with the app when you are back online. For more information, refer iPad and Android app users feature

If you have Adobe Id, you can log in to Learning Manager. Follow the instructions at user login feature for more information on how to log in to the application. If the problem persists, contact our support team.

You acquire credits whenever you acquire a new skill level. Credits are associated to skill levels. For more information on skills and levels refer to skills and levels feature.

You can view the history of all learnings in the home page. Click Learning tab and on each of the Courses, Programs and Certifications tabs you can choose Completed to view the list of all completed learnings. 

You can express interest to join any classroom courses that do not have any planned sessions. You get notification whenever the course session commences to join the course.

You acquire credits whenever you acquire a new skill level. Credits are associated to skill levels. For more information on credits, skills and levels refer to skills and levels feature.

You get gamification points whenever you complete a task. Currently, there are six gamification tasks available in Learning Manager. On completion of each task you acquire a specific number of points associated with that task. For more information, refer to gamification feature.

Adobe Learning Manager introduces one of the latest e-Learning concepts called Badges. Badges help learners to better define themselves and showcase their granular set of skills in addition to bringing credibility and good visibility.

A list of badges acquired by the learner appears at the top of the page.

Badges are assigned to learners based on a specific criteria defined by your organization, which is generally a successful completion of a course or any learning object.

For more information, refer to badges feature.

Learning programs are a set of uniquely designed courses meeting specific learner goals. Only administrators can create learning programs for learners. When an Administrator assigns a learning program instance to learners, they see that program in Programs tab. Learners can also view and enroll themselves to all self-enrolled type of learning programs.

To start taking up the learning program, click the program assigned to you. You can view detailed information of that particular program.

Start Program button appears on the upper-right corner of the learning program page. Click Start Program to start taking up the course.

Upon completion of each course you would receive online points.

Based on the points you achieved by completing the courses, you are rewarded with Levels as follows:

  1. 1500 – Bronze level
  2. 2500 points – Silver level
  3. 3500 points – Gold level
  4. 5000 points – Platinum level

You can view your current level points in your profile and target to achieve higher points, if necessary.

Refer Gamification feature for more information.

All courses in Learning Manager are played in browsers. You can view the courses in full screen using Learning Manager’s Fluidic player.

Refer Fluidic player feature for more information on Player.

Can I export my personal notes?

Yes, you can export notes content as pdf by following the steps below:

  1. In the Home page, click any course card for which you want to export the Notes. 
  2. Click Notes tab.
  3. Click Email notes option to send notes to your registered email-id.
  4. Click Download notes to download the notes as pdf.


In Learning Manager, you have provision to bookmark your content so you can revisit them.

Click ribbon icon adjacent to the listed topic names to bookmark your content.

You can make notes while reading your course content by following these steps:

  1. Click the course tile that you would like to take up.
  2. At the bottom of course player screen click + Notes icon to open Notes section.
  3. Add the Notes and click Add. Your notes are saved.

Bookmarking feature is supported for Captivate 9 and above versions, Presenter 11 and above versions’ HTML output content only.

Download/Email course notes
You have an option to download or email your course notes by following the steps below:

  1. Click the course tile for which you want to view the notes.
  2. Click the Notes tab adjacent to Modules tab.
  3. Click Download Notes to download as pdf.
  4. Click Email Notes to receive the notes as an email to your email account.

Currently, we do not support this feature in Learning Manager 1.0. However, there is a provision to take up external certifications. These external certifications are assigned to you by your organization’s Administrator. Contact your Manager to enroll into external certifications.

Currently, this feature is not available.

You will receive notification for the completion of course along with the link to provide feedback.

  1. Click notifications icon to view your notifications.
    A L1 feedback link appears for your completed courses.
  2. Click feedback. A pop-up dialog appears.
  3. Fill up the feedback form and click Done.

As part of reward and recognition of learner’s achievements, Learning Manager introduces online badges for learners. Badges are awarded based on a set criteria and are then displayed on a learner’s profile on the top of the learners home page.

Refer Certifications feature for more information on certifications for learners.

Currently, training transcripts are not provided in Learning Manager 1.0.

You can reject a course assigned to you by your Manager by clicking reject in Notifications window.

To cancel the courses that you have enrolled voluntarily, send a request to your reporting Manager or LMS admin.

Yes you can see the status in notifications. Click notifications icon at the upper-right corner of the window to see your notifications.

Your Manager also communicates to you through email.

Yes, you can see them by clicking notifications icon at the top right corner of the window.

The notifications pop-up appears.

You can search courses in two ways:

  1. Using Search icon displayed at the upper-right corner.
  2. By filtering list of courses in catalog tab using competencies names, type of courses (blended, self-paced, virtual classroom and classroom) and sort by options {date published, course name (A-Z or Z-A) and course effectiveness}.

You can also search using predefined tags like Captivatep, C, Java, html and so on. Tags are searchable inside Search Courses field now.

Based on your choice, you can view the filtered list of courses and choose accordingly.

  1. Log in to Learning Manager as a learner. If you forgot password, click Forgot password link provided in the login page to get it back to your email id.
  2. Once you log in, you can see the COURSES tab at the top. Click COURSES tab to display the list of courses assigned to you.

Other than class room courses, all the other three types of courses (blended, self-paced and virtual classroom) available in Learning Manager can be considered as online courses.

On some occasions you are automatically enrolled for training. These courses will appear in COURSES tab. You can search for the course you wish to take and then click Explore and Enroll button on the page.

In some courses you have to complete initial modules in the designated order as some of them are pre-requisites for the lateral modules.

Click Start in COURSES section to launch and complete the online course. You can stop in between and always come back and resume the course any time later by clicking Continue button.

To take up the completed course again, click Revisit course button.

You can see Progress of your course and add notes.

Blended Learning is an approach to learning and teaching which combines and aligns learning undertaken in face-to-face sessions with learning opportunities created online. Learning Manager courses consist of blended learning methods.

In this module, learners can begin and complete a course module according to their own schedule at one’s own pace. For example, videos, audio files, prerecorded classroom lectures.

Yes, you can export notes content as pdf by following the steps below:

  1. In the Home page, click any course card for which you want to export the Notes. 
  2. Click Notes tab.
  3. To send notes to your registered email-id, click Email notes option.
  4. To download the notes as pdf, click Download notes.


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Adobe MAX 2024

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14 – 16 октомври, Маями Бийч и онлайн

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