Set up Mandatory Mobile Signature Capture

The Adobe Acrobat Sign Mandatory Mobile Signature Capture feature is available to business and enterprise levels of service.


Mandatory Mobile Signature Capture is a signature type option that requires the recipient to cast the signature to a mobile device using a phone number (SMS).

Because the recipient is providing the phone number for the mobile device, the Sender of the agreement does not need to know the phone number in advance.

The recipient then draws their signature on the mobile device, or uploads an image from the device.

Once complete, the signature is returned to the original environment to be applied to the agreement.

As part of the signature process, the last four digits of the phone number are captured in the history/audit trail.

How it's used

The impact of Mandatory Mobile Signature Capture is only experienced during the Signature process.


When a recipient has to apply a signature, they are presented with a dialogue box, requesting a phone number to a mobile device.


The recipient types in their phone number and clicks Send, which prompts Acrobat Sign to deliver a link to the supplied phone number:

The SMS service attemnpts to detect if the provided number is a landline, which would fail the attempt to cast the signature.

When a potential  problem phone number is detected, the below error message is returned to allow the user to verify the number they entered.

The user then has the option to Send the message to the nuber as defined, or Close out of the process:

Bad number error message

The provided link is a one use link that expires after five minutes.

A new link can be sent at any time if the five minutes elapses.


Upon clicking the link, the signature panel presents itself with the signature options.

Both Draw and Image are supported.


After the recipient draws their signature or uploads an image, they click Done.

That signature is delivered back to the original document environment, where the signature is applied, and the agreement is completed normally.


The History section of the Manage tab shows the remote capture process, and the device number (partly masked) that captured the signature.


The Audit report also clearly shows the capture and device.

Configuration options

There are currently no configurable options beyond enable/disable.

How to enable or disable

Mandatory Mobile Signature Capture must first be exposed to your account admin interface. To do this, please contact your success manager, or the Acrobat Sign support team.

Once exposed, the Mandatory Mobile Signature Capture feature can be enabled at the Account level by the Acrobat Sign account admin.

Group level settings are permitted and will override the Account level values. 


To enable the feature, log in as an account admin, and navigate to: Account > Account Preferences > Signature Preferences > Additional Settings

Require Mobile


Senders do no need to modify their existing process.

The setting impacts only the recipients at the time of applying their signature. 

Because the signature panel option is invoked at the time of signing, all agreements currently awaiting signature will be impacted by the change.

Things to keep in mind...

  • Enabling mandatory mobile signature capture over-rides the existing Allow recipients to sign and initial by settings
    • Typed signature is disallowed
    • Drawn and Image signature types are enabled
  • Digital signature workflows are allowed
  • Enabling the mandatory mobile signature capture impacts all existing agreements in real time, meaning your existing agreements adopt the mandatory mobile signature process
  • All signers are included. Your internal signers as well as external signers
  • Signers that are already on a Mobile device when the signature process is initiated still need to step through the SMS process to capture the signature.
  • If your account is configured to Allow Stamps workflows, Stamp fields will also require the SMS process, but only an Image can be supplied


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