Setting field appearance in Authoring

The Adobe Acrobat Sign authoring environment allows you to control the appearance of the font displayed in the fields of your forms. Controllable elements include the font family, size, color and justification.

Field appearance

Font Family

You can control the appearance of the data entered into text fields by recipients.

To access the appearance settings, click the collapsible Appearance option in the field properties menu.

Double-click any field to open the field properties menu.


Use the first drop-down to the right of the Font title to set the font family for the field.


Available fonts are:

Font Size

The drop-down menu to the right of the font family will adjust the font size for the field.

Picking a static font size will enforce that size, regardless as to how much content is entered into the field.

Setting the font size to Auto makes the font automatically adjust depending on the size of the field.

  • Auto fonts will attempt to use the maximum size font to fill the height of the field and display the full content of the field
  • As entered content extends beyond the width of the field, the font dynamically scales down in an attempt to show all of the input content.
Text Field Font Size properties

Font Color

Color lets you define the font color for the field. You only see the color appear in the PDF copy. While filling out the field, the font remains black.

Font Alignment

The font Alignment tools allow you to dictate the alignment of the text to left, center, or right justification.

Text Field Font Alignment properties


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