Customize your Contributor portal profile page for maximum impact.

Customize your profile header

You can add a custom header image to your Contributor profile page. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Portfolio tab, click the desired image for the header.

  2. Click Make Profile Cover Image ().

    Make an image your profile header

The image becomes the header for your Contributor profile page.


The header image is automatically cropped from the center. We recommend you choose a landscape image with a focus point in the middle.


Feature collections on your profile page

You can create curated collections on the Contributor portal to organize and present your best work to buyers. Collections can contain up to 1000 assets. You can create as many collections as you like, but only two of them can be featured on your Contributor profile page.

Create a collection

  1. From the Portfolio tab, select the assets you want to add to the new collection.

  2. Click Add To A Collection.

Feature a collection on your profile page

  1. Navigate to the Collections section on the Contributor portal.

  2. Select the Feature On My Public Profile option for the collection you want to display on your profile page.

    Feature a collection on your profile page