Issue: Output workspace is unavailable in Bridge

The Output workspace/module is not available in Bridge CC.


The Output workspace/module for generating PDF contact sheets/presentations and Web Galleries did not ship Bridge CC. You can manually download and install the Adobe Output Module and workspace for Bridge CC following the directions in the following document:

How to install Adobe Output Module in Bridge CC

Additional information

You can also create contact sheets by selecting Tools > Photoshop > Contact Sheet II from Bridge CC, or File > Automate > Contact Sheet II from Photoshop CC.

You can create PDF Presentations by selecting File > Automate > PDF Presentation from Photoshop CC.

If you have a Creative Cloud All Apps plan, you can use Lightroom 5 to generate contact sheets and web galleries:

  • Lightroom Help / Print module layouts and templates:
  • Lightroom Help / Creating web galleries: Basic workflow:

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