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Use this article to understand the features released in Animate October 2018.

Adobe Animate | October 2018 release

This release of Animate provides you the following new features and enhancements:  

  • Asset sculpting for vector and raster content
    • Tweening for warped shapes
  • Auto Lip-Sync (Adobe Sensei powered)
  • Layer parenting
  • Animate and After Effects collaboration workflow
  • Layer effects
    • Filters
    • Color effects
  • Simplified on-boarding experience
  • Layer depth 
    • Maintain size
  • Virtual Reality authoring and publishing (Beta)
    • Panorama
    • 360
  • WebGL-GLTF 
    • Standard 
    • Extended 
  • Scripting support using Actions Wizard for VR and WebGL-GLTF document types. 
  • Texture publishing for HTML5 canvas documents
  • User interface enhancements
  • Brush and Eraser tools enhancement
  • Other enhancements
    • Swatches 
    • Paint bucket tool
    • Quick tween creation
    • Timeline menu items 
    • Keyboard shortcut support for modify markers
    • Save and reuse Tagged swatches.
    • JSAPI support for Tagged Swatches.
    • Merge Layers

For more information on the supported features, see New feature summary.

Adobe Animate | July 2018 release

July 2018 update to Animate is a hot fix to address the crash on launching the application post Windows 10 update 1803, if more than 1677 fonts are installed.

For more information on this update, refer to the knowledge base article, Animate crashes on launch in Windows 10.

Adobe Animate | December 2017 release

The December 2017 update to Animate contains critical bug fixes for camera workflows. It is recommended for all users.

Adobe Animate | October 2017 release

This release of Animate provides you the following new features and enhancements:

  • Layer depth and camera enhancements
    • Layer depth
    • Camera Z-depth
    • Runtime interactive camera.    
  • Timeline enhancements
    • Display time along with the frame numbers
    • Extend or reduce time for a selected frame span
    • Scale frame span with frames per second (fps)
    • Convert blank spans to 1s, 2s, or 3s
    • Pan through animation on stage.
  • Actions code wizard
  • Enhanced ease presets
  • Texture atlas enhancements
  • Convert to other document types
  • Component parameters panel.

For more information on the supported features, see New feature summary.

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, visit

In addition to the Adobe Animate system requirements, applications created using AIR for iOS can only run on some iOS devices. For more information, see Adobe Air Tech specs.

Applications created and published from Animate for Android platforms can run on devices that run Google Android™ 2.3 operating system or higher.

Installation instructions

For detailed instructions on installation, visit the installation page


If you are updating from previous versions of Flash Professional, this latest version can be found on your computer as Adobe Animate (not Adobe Flash). 

Trial software

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Custom Platform Support SDK and sample plug-in

Click here to download the Custom Platform Support SDK and sample plug-in.

Download and install extensions

The Adobe Add-ons site provides a range of add-ons to your Creative Cloud products. To download and install useful extensions for Animate, visit the Animate page at

For more information on installing Animate extensions, see Install Extensions.

License agreement

Internet connection, Adobe ID, and acceptance of license agreement are required to activate and use this product. This product can integrate with or allow access to certain Adobe or third-party hosted online services. Adobe services are available only to users 13 years and above. It requires agreement to more terms of use and Adobe’s online privacy policy (see Adobe Legal). Applications and Services cannot be available in all countries or languages and can be subject to change or discontinuation without notice. Extra fees or membership charges can apply.

Online resources

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Submitting bugs and feature requests

To submit feature request and bugs for Animate at, select Adobe Animate from the product drop-down list and complete the wish form. 

Animate and Android Market

Animate supports the publishing of AIR applications for Android so developers can deliver applications to Google Play. Developers are required to establish an account with the Android Market to publish their application.  For more information, visit to set up an account.

Apple App Store submission requirements

Developers can deliver applications built with AIR for iOS to the Apple App Store. It requires the developer to be a member of the iOS Developer Program and follow the program guidelines.

A developer certificate from Apple is required for testing and deploying applications to iOS devices. Apple provides information on its developer programs at

For the latest information about Adobe AIR releases, go to

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