Hotfix for LMS reporting issues in Chrome 80

We have released a Hotfix that takes care of the LMS reporting issues in Chrome 80 in Adobe Captivate.

This Hotfix addresses issues in xAPI content, where course tracking wasn't getting communicated to the LMS as expected.

Download the Hotfix

Download the file from the location below. Then, unzip the file.



This file is specific to xAPI SCORM driver.

To apply the Hotfix, replace the file scormdriver.js in one of the two ways, mentioned below.

Replace file in Captivate installation folder

  1. Replace the file scormdriver.js in the Captivate installation folder in the following location:

    <Captivate installation folder>\Templates\Publish\LMS\Standard\Tincan\js

    On macOS, copy the file accordingly in the same location.

  2. Launch Captivate.

  3. After replacing the file, re-publish the Captivate project with the same publishing preferences as earlier.

Replace file in publish folder

If you'd chosen the LMS standard as xAPI, replace scormdriver.js in the published zip folder of your Captivate project.

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