Adobe trial software expired early

Have you tried logging in to your Creative Cloud account and noticed a message that says your trial period or your license has expired? Learn why Adobe trial software expires or ends early.

Why did my trial end early?

Adobe trial software is time limited. A trial might expire early for the following reasons:

  • System clock changed
  • Trial used or attempted on a different computer
  • Automated virus scan run
  • Improper user rights set
  • Installation failed or damaged
  • Executable file modified
  • Debugger attached

When does my trial period start?

Provided your payment details before starting trial?

The trial period starts when you select the Start free trial button on the product page after entering your payment details.

Not asked to provide payment details before starting trial?

The trial period starts when the app is launched for the first time. 

I have a paid subscription. Why did I get a trial-related message?

If you have a paid subscription but still get a trial-related message, see Why is Creative Cloud asking me to Start Trial or Buy Now even when I have purchased a subscription?

The message can be any of the following:

  • Buy now
  • Trial expired
  • Start trial
  • No subscription found
  • <nn> days remaining

Can I reinstall a trial?

If you’ve already installed a Creative Cloud trial on your computer, you cannot reinitiate another trial. Once the original trial expires, subsequent installs display a trial expired message even if you never used the original trial or someone else installed it.

I wasn’t able to use my trial. What are my options?

Trial periods can't be extended. For many products, the trial version automatically converts to a licensed version using the payment details you provided.

Adobe provides a full refund for first-time paid subscribers if they cancel within 14 days of the order. If you were unable to use the trial version, we recommend that you go ahead and subscribe to try the software. If for some reason you do not want to continue, cancel within the first 14 days.

I am getting the "Trial expired" error in Acrobat. How can I fix it?

If you're using Acrobat, make sure to sign in with the correct email address when trying to activate the application. Sign out of your account, and sign back in again with the correct email address.

I am also getting the error, "We can’t verify your subscription status". What could be the issue?

Ensure that you are on the latest available version of the Creative Cloud desktop app to avoid this error. If you aren’t using the latest version of the Creative Cloud desktop app, a prompt to update appears. Select Update. To learn more, see Cannot verify subscription status in offline mode.


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