The error, "SWF compilation failed" appears when you publish an Adobe Captivate project.


Solution 1: Repair the 64-bit JVM.

  1. Open the AdobeCaptivate.ini file (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 6 x64) and add Use32BitJVMForPublish = 1

  2. Close and relaunch Adobe Captivate.

  3. Publish your project again.

Solution 2: Remove invalid characters in text fields of the project.

Delete such characters and type them (instead of copy-pasting them from source). Republish the project.

Solution 3: Make sure that there aren't any AS3 methods/variables in text fields.

Change the text so that none of the AS3 methods and variable names are used. Republish the project.

Additional information

This error can occur for any or all of the following reasons:

  • The 64-bit JVM is corrupted.
  • Invalid characters are present in text fields such as Project Information, Email, Description, Name, and Slide Name in your project.
  • You have used AS3 methods or variable names such as button names (Play/Pause) in the text fields.

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