Welcome to the Get Started with Captivate tutorials that teach you the basic tools and techniques of Adobe Captivate. This tutorial introduces you to the Captivate product from Adobe. Gives you a sneak peek into what is Adobe Captivate and why it is the tool of choice for millions of eLearning professionals.

What is Captivate

An introduction to Adobe Captivate.

Introduction to Captivate


What you learned: An introduction to Adobe Captivate

You were introduced to Adobe Captivate an intelligent eLearning authroing tool that enables you to deliver interative, device-independent content.

Use Captivate to build different types of eLearning courses:

  • Software simulation
  • HD video demos
  • Responsive eLearning courses
  • Assessment modules
  • Compliance courses
  • Soft-skill courses

Also, track effectiveness and get access to deep analytics when you publish your content to Adobe Captivate Prime.