ColdFusion server profiles

To develop and deploy ColdFusion applications, you can use one of the multiple server profiles available when you install ColdFusion. The ColdFusion installer allows you to install the ColdFusion Server in the following profiles (modes):

  1. Development profile
  2. Production profile
  3. Production profile (secure)

Depending on the type of profile selected during the installation, the server will be automatically configured with the appropriate settings. Choose the right profile in the installer:

ColdFusion Server Profiles
ColdFusion Server Profiles

Once you install the Server using a particular profile, you can't change the profile later.

The following table shows the difference between the three supported Server profiles:

Feature Development Profile Production Profile Production Profile (Secure)
Support for all types of debugging Yes No No
Support for remote inspection Yes No No
Support for strict enforcement of complex passwords No Yes Yes
Support for remote start/stop Yes No No
Support for Weinre and other bundled servers (For instance, Node.js) Yes No No
Support for enabling unused servlets Yes No No
Support for Secure Profile. No No Yes
Support for Directory listing Yes No No

Depending upon the option selected, a few settings will be pre-configured in the Administrator. You have no choice to change these settings during installation. However, you can modify these settings from the Administrator (NOT RECOMMENDED) later.


For the Production Profile, only the basic security settings are pre-configured by the installer. If you need a highly secure producture server, use the Production Profile (Secure) or manually configure the security settings.


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