Creative Cloud notifications are typically updates about your apps, membership status, events related to your apps and services, messages from fellow community users, and important announcements from Adobe. To ensure that you are aware, a red badge is displayed next to the Creative Cloud desktop app icon whenever you receive a new notification. You can click the icon to launch Creative Cloud desktop app and view all the notifications.

Red notification badge
Red badge in menulets (Mac) and system tray (Windows)

Notification bell icon

The bell icon is located next to the Profile menu. If you have new notifications, the bell icon will display a red badge.

Notification Bell icon
Notification bell icon with a red badge for new notifications

Notification panel

When you click the bell icon, your notifications are displayed in the Notification panel. The new notifications are highlighted so that you can easily find the new ones since your last visit.

Each notification is displayed as a card and includes the details you need. Requests and notifications are organized in separate sections in the Notification panel. This is helpful because you will often need to act (accept, reject, or dismiss) on a request.

Requests section

The Requests section contains messages about your account, such as trial or subscription status, and any activity related to collaboration and community, such as an invitation to collaborate.

  • By default, only three recent requests are displayed. To view more requests, click Show More Requests.
  • Click Accept to accept the invitation or request.
  • Click Decline to reject the invitation or request. The notification will be removed from the Notification panel as well as from the app or service that originated the request.
  • Click Dismiss to remove the request from the Notification panel. Hover the mouse over the notification, click the three horizontal dots icon, and select Dismiss. The request will still be available in the app or service that originated the request. You can accept or decline the request from the app or service interface. 

Notifications section

The Notifications section contains messages about your interactions with different apps and services. Here you can view events and activities, such as new app availability, updates, and comments and likes from fellow collaborators.

Notification panel
From top to bottom: Bell icon; Requests section; Options to dismiss, decline, or accept a request; Option to view more requests; and Notifications section

Close the Notification panel

Use any of the following ways to close the Notification panel:

  • Click x in the upper-right corner of the panel.
  • Click the top black bar of the Creative Cloud desktop app.
  • Press the Esc key on your keyboard.
  • Click the bell icon.

You can open the Notification panel anytime by clicking the bell icon.

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