Issue: Files missing from Creative Cloud

One or more of your files is missing from Creative Cloud.


Solution 1: Check in the Archive section for Creative Cloud

  1. Log in with your Adobe ID and password.

  2. Check if the missing files are available in the Archive section.


    You can find additional instructions for accessing archived files at
    Browse, sync, and manage assets.

Solution 2: Check the Creative Cloud user folder on your computer

Navigate to the folder listed below, and check if the missing files are available. When you use Adobe's file sync functionality, the contents of the Creative Cloud user folder are synced to your Creative Cloud account. Files missing online could still be available locally.

C:\Users\<User name>\Creative Cloud Files

Mac OS
Mac HD/Users/<User name>/Creative Cloud Files


This folder isn't present in all cases. <User name> is the user name of the current user.

Solution 3: Contact Adobe Support

If you were unsuccessful in locating your files and didn't accidentally delete them, contact Adobe Support for assistance.

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