Install log error: "Failed due to insufficient privileges" | Creative Suite 5, Creative Suite 5.5, Creative Suite 6

Issue: "Exit Code: 14" error

When you're installing a Creative Suite product, the following error appears in your Creative Suite product installer log file:

Exit Code: 14 – Failed due to insufficient privileges

This error means you aren't logged in to an account with administrator privileges.

You must run the Creative Suite installer from an account with administrator privileges. Creative Suite products won't install if you use the Run As command from a standard (restricted) user account.  

Solution: Log in to an admin account or create a temporary local admin account

Log out of your current user account and log in to an account with administrator privileges. Then try installing the product again.

Don't have an account with admin privileges? Create a temporary local admin account. Creating a new local admin account can eliminate corrupt accounts or group policy objects that can prevent the product from installing.

To create a new local admin account, refer to the instructions for your operating system: