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Adobe Fresco crashes on Windows devices

Fresco crashes while changing brush settings on Windows devices.

You may face this issue on the following devices if they use Nvidia's GeForce graphics card: 

  • Surface Book
  • Surface Book 2
  • Surface Studio and 
  • Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16”

Not sure which graphics card is on your device? Click here to find out. 

The workaround is to disable the In-Game Overlay setting of the graphics card. Here's how you do it:

  1. Launch the GEForce Experience application on your device. 

  2. Go to Settings > General.

  3. Toggle the IN-GAME OVERLAY setting to disable.

    In-Game overlay setting toggle
    In-Game Overlay setting in Nvidia's GeForce graphics card

Still having issues? Post your question on Adobe Fresco community and get answers.

Find which graphics card is on your device

  1. Type Run in the search box next to Start icon to open the Run app. 
  2. Type dxdiag next to Open and click Ok. 
    DirectX Diagnostic Tool
  3. Tap on Display tab to view the graphics card used by your device. 
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