Automatic Pitch Correction effect

Automatic Pitch Correction effect

The Automatic Pitch Correction effect is available in both the Waveform and Multitrack editors. In the latter, its parameters can be automated over time using keyframes and external control surfaces.

Choose Effects > Time and Pitch > Automatic Pitch Correction, and set the following options:


Specifies the scale type that best suits the material: Major, Minor, or Chromatic. Major or Minor correct notes to the specific key of the music. Chromatic corrects to the nearest note regardless of key.


Sets the intended key for corrected material. This option is available only if Scale is set to Major or Minor (because the Chromatic scale includes all 12 tones and isn’t key‑specific).


The combination of scale and key determines the key signature.


Controls how quickly Adobe Audition corrects the pitch toward the scale tone. Faster settings are usually best for notes of short duration, such as a fast, staccato passage. An extremely fast attack can  achieve a robotic quality, however. Slower settings result in more natural‑sounding correction on longer sustaining notes, such as a vocal line where the singer holds notes and adds vibrato. Because source material can change throughout a musical performance, you can get the best results by separately correcting short musical phrases.


Defines the threshold beyond which notes aren’t corrected. Sensitivity is measured in cents, and there are 100 cents per semitone. For example, a Sensitivity value of 50 cents means a note must be within 50 cents (half a semitone) of the target scale tone before it is corrected automatically.

Reference Channel

Choose a source channel in which pitch changes are most clear. The effect analyzes only the channel you choose, but applies the pitch correction equally to all channels.

FFT Size

Sets the Fast Fourier Transform size of each pieces of data that the effect processes. In general, use smaller values for correcting higher frequencies. For voices, a setting of 2048 or 4096 sounds most natural. For short, staccato notes or percussive audio try a setting of 1024.


Specifies the tuning standard for the source audio. In Western music, the standard is A4 at 440 Hz. Source audio, however, may have been recorded using a different standard, so you can specify A4 values from 410 to 470 Hz.

Correction meter

When you preview audio, displays the amount of correction for flat and sharp tones.


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