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Learn about new features and enhancements in the February 2020 (version 13.0.3), November 2019 release (version 13.0), and April 2019 release (version 12.1).

Export video clip range

Set the export range to video clip while exporing using AME.

Improved effects support

Route multichannel effects channels with full control.

Overlapped clips support

Audition now allows you to play or mute overlapping clips simultaneously.

Punch and roll recording

Easily interact with voiceover recording by punching into portions of the take and rolling up to and through the re-take.

Zoom to selected clips

Quickly zoom to the time range of one or more selected clips.


Manual keyframe entry

Edit time and parameter values for any keyframe

Auto-ducking for ambience

Now - in addition to music - choose to automatically duck ambient sound behind dialogue and SFX  clips you want to stand out.


Nudge clips up and down

Use this feature to move selected clips up and down a track.


Adobe Audition is a powerful application for recording and mixing audiopodcasting, and sound effect design.

Export video clip range

While editing, audio and video clip's range are often different. If the range does not match, black video frames will be appended while the audio is still playing. You can now set the export range to video clip while exporing using AME.

For more information, see Export with Adobe Media Encoder.

Improved effects support

November 2019 release (version 13.0)

Effects channelization allows you to have a custom layout of your effect which may be stored in a preset and used subsequently enabling you to immerse your audience into the project.

For more information, see Effects channelization.

Overlapped clips support

November 2019 release (version 13.0)

You can now play overlapping clips in Adobe Audition. This feature is available as a session preference.

Enable Play Overlapped Portions of Clip check box

Punch and roll recording

April 2019 release (version 12.1)

This record mode allows you to record audio using the punch and roll technique with pre-roll, visual countdown, and Punch Again functionality.  If you made a mistake while recording audio, this feature allows you to correct mistakes and continue recording without interruption.

To know more, see Punch and Roll recording.

Zoom to selected clip

April 2019 release (version 12.1)

Quickly zoom to the time range of one or more selected clips using the Zoom menu command. In the Multitrack Editor, choose Zoom > Zoom To Selected Clips.

To know more about zooming and navigating, see Zoom audio in the Editor panel.

Auto-ducking ambience sound

April 2019 release (version 12.1)

You can now auto duck ambience sound for a more seamless editing experience. While working on a project, automatically generate a volume envelope to duck ambience sound behind dialogue, sound effects, or any other audio clip using the Ducking parameter in the Essential Sound panel.

To know more, see Auto-ducking using the essential sound panel.

Nudge clip up and down

April 2019 release (version 12.1)

You can now nudge a clip up and down using keyboard shortcuts. Freely move selected clips without taking your hands away from the keyboard.




Nudge selected clip up

Alt+up arrow

Option+up arrow

Nudge selected clip down

Alt+down arrow

Option+down arrow

Manual keyframe entry

April 2019 release (version 12.1)

Audition allows you to edit time value and parameter value for a particular keyframe.

To know more, see Enter keyframe manually.

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