When you try to install Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 on Windows Vista, the installer does not respond and the software does not install.


The following workaround allows you to install Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 on Windows Vista.

  1. Choose to save the install files to a location on your hard disk.

  2. Navigate to the saved location, right-click ADE_2.0_Installer.exe, and select Properties.

  3. Under the General tab, click the Unblock button next to Security.

    A picture showing the Unblock button in the General properties window.
  4. Click OK to apply the changes and close the Properties window.

  5. Double-click the ADE_2.0_Installer.exe to begin the installation process.

As an alternative, you can follow the directions at Can't install Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.2 to download and install Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.2.

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