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What is the future of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile?

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (AEMM) will be end-of-life on April 3, 2021. On this date, Adobe will end all cloud services and technical support for AEMM customers. Subscribed AEMM customers will be able to push content and folios to existing AEMM apps and Adobe will continue to provide certain updates, fixes until April 3, 2021.

What alternative do I have for Adobe Experience Manager Mobile?

AEMM has enabled organizations of all sizes to build and deliver engaging mobile app experiences to their customers and employees. Today, organizations are increasingly leveraging native app or open-source JavaScript frameworks to build mobile apps while consuming content from a centralized content management system. Key advantage of this approach is content reusability across multiple apps while offering flexibility for developers to build more functionality in the app using tools of their choice. Separating app content from front-end code also reduces app size and improves performance as content is dynamically requested when needed.

Keeping with these modern trends, Adobe recommends AEMM customers to transition to native app and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites – leveraging its Content Services capabilities to create, manage, and deliver content to the app. An industry-leading cloud-native solution, AEM Sites offers intuitive drag-and-drop interface to author channel-agnostic and reusable content along with robust APIs to deliver content to any front-end application. Furthermore, content can also be repurposed to other channels such as websites, email, social media and more. With AEM Sites, content authors get tremendous agility to make content changes across multiple channels – they can simply edit once and update everywhere.

What other services does Adobe offer for mobile apps?

AEM Sites also natively connects with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target to help you measure user interactions and personalize experiences to maximize engagement and conversion. For publishing interactive documents to your mobile app, you can leverage the InDesign Publish Online capability. Lastly, designers can explore Adobe Express, a tool that helps users easily create and share engaging visual content on any mobile app.

How can I download my articles from AEM Mobile?

Who do I contact to discuss more about my options?

To discuss your specific situation and learn more about transitioning to AEM Sites, contact your Adobe Representative or Adobe Customer Care.


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