Feature summary | Adobe Media Encoder | June 2022 release

Learn about new features and enhancements in the June (22.5) release of Adobe Media Encoder.

Notification on Encoding or Queue Completion

Get notifications once encoding is complete
Get notifications once encoding is complete

If you have the Creative Cloud mobile app, you can opt to receive notifications from Adobe Media Encoder after each item or all items in the queue finish encoding. 

To enable Adobe Media Encoder to send notifications to your app, click Edit > Preferences > Notifications (Windows) or Media Encoder > Preferences > Notifications (macOS).

Computer Shutdown on Queue encoding finished

You can decide to automatically shut down your computer after all queued encoding jobs are down. This can be helpful for longer encoding jobs finished late after working hours.

Support for RED V-RAPTOR camera

Adobe Media Encoder now offers support for the RED V-RAPTOR cameras.


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