Customizing shortcuts

Create custom keyboard shortcuts

In addition to using the default set of keyboard shortcuts, you can assign your own custom shortcuts to nearly any menu command, button, or tool. You can save different sets of shortcuts and restore the default settings.

  1. Choose Edit > Keyboard Customization.
  2. In the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, choose an option from the pop‑up menu:
    • Application displays commands found in the menu bar, organized by category.

    • Windows displays commands associated with window buttons and pop‑up menus.

  3. In the Command column, view the command for which you want to create a shortcut. If necessary, click the triangle next to the name of a category to reveal the commands it includes.
  4. Click in the item’s shortcut field to select it.
  5. Do any of the following:
    • To add a shortcut, type it.

      note: If the shortcut was used by another command, an alert appears at the bottom of the dialog box.

    • To erase a shortcut, click Clear.

    • To reverse either of the actions above, click Undo.

  6. Repeat the procedure to enter as many shortcuts as you want. When you’re finished, click Save As, type a name for your Key Set, and click Save.

    Some commands are reserved by the operating system and cannot be reassigned to Premiere Elements. Likewise, you cannot assign numbers or the plus (+) and minus (–) keys on the numeric keypad because they are necessary for entering relative timecode values. You can assign these keys on the keyboard, however.

Remove shortcuts

  1. In the Keyboard Customization dialog box, do one of the following:
    • To remove a single shortcut, select it and click Clear.

    • To remove a custom set of shortcuts, select the key set you want to remove from the Set pop‑up menu and click Delete. When asked, confirm your choice by clicking Delete.

Switch to a different set of shortcuts

  1. Choose Edit > Keyboard Customization, and choose the set of shortcuts you want to use from the Set pop‑up menu.

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