Customize the Components panel in Dreamweaver

The Dreamweaver Components panel lets users load and work with components. It lists all the available component types that are compatible with each enabled server model. For example, CFCs can work only on an Adobe ColdFusion page; they appear only in the Adobe ColdFusion server model within the Components panel.

Extensibility lets you add new component types to the panel. Follow several general steps when adding a new component type to the Components panel:

  1. Add the component to the list of available component types for the appropriate server models.

  2. Add instructions for setting up the component in the Components panel or in a dialog box (depending on the extension for which the steps are implemented). The instructions are also known as setup steps, and appear as interactive numbered steps. Make sure that check marks appear next to any steps the user has completed.

  3. List the components of the component type that exist either on the computer of the user or in the current site only.

  4. Create a component when the user clicks the Plus (+) button in the Components panel.

    In addition, you can enable the user to edit a component and delete a component.