Customize server models in Dreamweaver

You can customize some features of a server model using the functions that are available in the server model API.

Adobe Dreamweaver asks new users to identify server models when they first start Dreamweaver. For cases when the user does not identify a server model, you can create a dynamic dialog box that prompts the user to complete the necessary steps. This dialog box appears when the user attempts to insert a server object. For information on creating this dialog box, see the functions getSetupSteps() and setupStepsCompleted().

You might want to create a specialized server model. Adobe suggests that you create a new server model rather than editing any of the ones that come with Dreamweaver. (For information regarding creating new document types that are supported by your server model, see Extensible document types in Dreamweaver.)

When you create a new server model, you need to include an implementation of the canRecognizeDocument() function in your server model file. This function tells Dreamweaver the level of preference that it should give to your server model for handling a file extension when multiple server models claim a particular file extension.