Install an extension in Dreamweaver

To become familiar with the process of writing extensions, you might want to explore the extensions and resources that are available on the Adobe Exchange website at Installing an existing extension introduces you to some of the tools that you need to work with in your own extensions.

  1. Download and install the Adobe Extension Manager, which is available on the Adobe Downloads website at

  2. Log on to the Adobe Exchange website at

  3. Follow the procedure as specified in Installing and using extensions in Dreamweaver, to complete installing the extension.

The Extension Manager automatically installs the extension from the Downloaded Extensions folder into Dreamweaver.

Some extensions need Dreamweaver to restart before you can use them. If you are running Dreamweaver when you install the extension, you might be prompted to quit and restart the application.

To view basic information on the extension after its installation, go to the Extension Manager (Commands > Manage Extensions) in Dreamweaver.