An Issues example in Dreamweaver

The following examples are the files ColAndColgroupCapturedByCaption.htm and ColAndColgroupCapturedByCaption.js located in the Configuration/BrowserProfiles/Issues/ folder.


//DWExtension layout-engine 5.0//dialog"> 
<title>Col and Colgroup Captured by Caption</title> 
<script src="../../Shared/Common/Scripts/dwscripts.js"></script> 
<script src="issue_utils.js"></script> 
<script src="ColAndColgroupCapturedByCaption.js"></script> 
//--------------- LOCALIZEABLE GLOBALS------------------ 
var ISSUE_NAME = "Col and Colgroup/Caption Conflict"; 
var ISSUE_DESC = "If the caption tag is placed directly after the opening table tag as required by the HTML 4.01 specification, any styles applied to col and colgroup tags in the same table are ignored."; 
//--------------- END LOCALIZEABLE--------------- 


 function findIssue(){ 
  var DOM = dw.getDocumentDOM(); 
  var issueNodes = new Array(); 
  if (DOM){ 
    // first see if there are any caption tags in the doc. 
    var captions = DOM.getElementsByTagName('caption'); 
    // declare a mess of variables that we'll need in the 
    // for loop below. 
    var currCap = null, props = null, parentTable = null; 
    var colgroups = null, cols = null, allcol = null; 
    var property = "", definedStyles = new Array(); 
    // ok, now loop through all the captions, if any. 
    for (var i=0; i < captions.length; i++){ 
      currCap = captions[i]; 
      parentTable = currCap.parentNode; 
      // the caption is only a problem if it's in the valid 
      // spot (i.e., the first child of the table) 
      if (currCap == parentTable.childNodes[0]){ 
        // find all colgroup and col tags that are in the 
        // same table as the caption. 
        colgroups = parentTable.getElementsByTagName('colgroup'); 
        cols = parentTable.getElementsByTagName('col'); 
        allcol = colgroups.concat(cols); 
        for (var x=0; x < allcol.length; x++){ 
          // if styles are declared for any colgroup or col 
          // tag in this table, we have a problem node. don't 
          // bother looking further. 
          props = window.getDeclaredStyle(allcol[x]); 
          property = ""; 
          definedStyles.length = 0; 
          for (property in props) { 
          if (definedStyles.length > 0){ 
  return issueNodes; 
function getAffectedBrowserDisplayNames(){ 
  return new Array("Safari 2.0"); 
function getAffectedBrowserProfiles(){ 
  return new Array("Safari 2.0"); 
function getIssueID(){ 
function getIssueName(){ 
  return ISSUE_NAME; 
function getIssueDescription(){ 
  return ISSUE_DESC; 
function getConfidenceLevel(){ 
  //DETCON 4 
  return issueUtils.CONFIDENCE_HIGH;