Use the Shared folder in Dreamweaver

Look first in the Dreamweaver Configuration/Shared/Common folder for useful extension code because this folder contains the most current and commonly used functionality.

Extensions can leverage the resources in the Shared folder for their own functionality. An object, command, or other extension can specify one of the JavaScript files in the Shared folder as a source file in a script tag, and then use the function in the body of the file or in another included JavaScript file. Objects and commands can even link several JavaScript files together, and those JavaScript files can leverage Shared folder resources.

For example, open the Hypertext object file (Hyperlink.htm) in the application folder Configuration/Objects/Common. Notice that the head tag of the file contains the following lines:

 <script language="javascript" src="../../Shared/Common/Scripts/ListControlClass.js"></script> 
 <script language="javascript" src="Hyperlink.js"></script>

And, if you open the related Hyperlink.js file, you can see the following lines:

 LIST_LINKS = new ListControl('linkPath');


 LIST_TARGETS = new ListControl('linkTarget');

With the new listControl declarations, Hyperlink.js defines two new ListControl objects. The code in the Hyperlink.htm file then attaches them to the SELECT controls in the form, as follows:

 <td  align="left"> <input name="linkText" type="text" class="basicTextField" value="">


 <td align="left" nowrap><select name="linkPath" class="basicTextField" editable="true">

Now, the Hyperlink.js script can call methods or get properties for the LIST_LINKS or LIST_TARGETS objects to interact with the SELECT controls in the form.