Learn about the Vertical Split view in Dreamweaver

The Vertical Split view feature supports a side-by-side view of either code and design or code and code layout modes. Users with dual screen workstation setups can use this feature to display code on one monitor while using their second monitor for working in Design view.

The Vertical Split view feature enables the user to:

  • Choose the orientation of Code and Design view (horizontal or vertical).

  • Switch between horizontal and vertical orientations of the Code and Design view and Split code.

Restarting Dreamweaver and opening or creating a document shows the document in the Code and Design view with the last used size and orientation. The dreamweaver.setSplitViewOrientation() function sets the orientation and dreamweaver.setPrimaryView() sets the primary view. For information on using these functions, see "Vertical Split view functions" in the Dreamweaver API Reference.