Dreamweaver 8 may crash when it performs file browsing actions on Microsoft Windows Vista. Some examples include:

  • Using File > Open to browse the hard drive to open a file.
  • Inserting an image and using the file browser to select the image.
  • Creating a hyperlink and using the file browser to select the target file.
  • Creating a site definition and using the file browser to select the local root folder or remote folder.

Additional reported behavior includes:

  • Crash occurs when a file browsing dialog appears.
  • Crash occurs when browsing two or more folders away.
  • Crash occurs after inserting four images.
  • Crash occurs when you leave the file browsing dialog box open for a period of time.


The problem appears to be a conflict between Dreamweaver 8 and the Groove component of Microsoft Office 2007 on Microsoft Windows Vista. Microsoft Office Groove 2007 is only bundled with MS Office Ultimate 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.


Complete one or more of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Upgrade to Dreamweaver CS4.

This issue has been resolved in Dreamweaver CS3. Upgrading to Dreamweave CS3 and above will resolve this issue. Please visit the Adobe Store for purchase information. For additional information on Vista support, see our PDF on How Adobe Products Support Vista.

Solution 2: Uninstall Microsoft Grove 2007.

Uninstalling Microsoft Grove 2007 will remove the feature from your system. If you require MS Grove 2007 please refer to another solution.

  1. Choose Start > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Programs And Features and select Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007.

    Note: Choose Classic View in the left pane if Programs And Features is not available.

  3. Click Change.
  4. Select Add Or Remove Features from the Office setup wizard.
  5. Click the drop-down menu next to Microsoft Office Groove and select Not Available.
  6. Follow the on screen prompts to uninstall Groove 2007.

Solution 3: Use the Open button instead of double-clicking folders and files while browsing.

Using the Open button instead of double-clicking the folders and files should prevent the issue from occurring. If your issue is not resolved please proceed to the next solution.

Solution 4: Manually enter the path into the dialog.

Type the file path manually into the dialog or copy and paste it from Windows Explorer address bar.

Solution 5: Create a new site definition from a new local root folder after rebooting.

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. Create a new local root folder for the site.
  3. Create a new site definition directing to the new local root folder.

Solution 6: Delete the _notes folder from the site.

  1. Browse to the local root folder for the site using Windows Explorer.
  2. Delete the _notes folder.
  3. Choose Site > Advanced > recreate Site Cache from Dreamweaver.

Solution 7: Disable visual themes in Microsoft Windows Vista.

  1. Browse to the Dreamweaver.exe executable in Windows Explorer.

    \Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 8\
  2. Right-click Dreamweaver.exe and select Properties.
  3. Select the Compatibility tab and check Disable Visual Themes.

    Note: All other checkboxes should be unchecked

  4. Click OK and see if the crashes stop.

Solution 8: Create a new local administrator account.

Please contact network administrators for assistance creating administrative accounts within a domain. If possible create a new local administrative account using the steps below. Microsoft Windows Vista Home users will need to create a new administrative account using the Users application within the Control Panel.

  1. Right click My Computer and click Manage.
  2. Expand Administrative Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users.
  3. Right click Users and select New User.
  4. In the New User dialog box, type Administrator in the Description field, complete the remaining fields.
  5. Uncheck User Must Change Password At Next Login and check Password Never Expires, and then click Close.
  6. Right-click the newly created user and select Properties.
  7. Select the Member Of tab and click the Add button.
  8. Type Administrators in the "Enter the object names to select" field, and click OK.
  9. Click OK to close the User Properties window.
  10. Log off of the current user and log into the newly created Administrator account.

Solution 9: Disable Windows Aero and run using the Windows Vista Basic color scheme.

Disable Aero to determine if it is causing the issue.

To disable Aero:

  1. Choose Start > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Personalization and select Window Color And Appearance.

    Note: Choose Classic View in the left pane if Personalization is not available.

  3. Click Open Classic Appearance Properties For More Color Options.
  4. Select Windows Vista Basic and click OK.

To re-enable Aero after testing:

  1. Choose Start > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Personalization and select Window Color And Appearance.

    Note: Choose Classic View in the left pane if Personalization is not available.

  3. Choose Windows Aero from the Color Scheme menu and click OK.

Solution 10: Running Dreamweaver in Windows XP Compatibility mode.

  1. Navigate to \Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 8\ in Windows Explorer
  2. Right-click on the Dreamweaver.exe file and select Properties.
  3. Click the Compatibility tab.
  4. Click Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For: and select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) from the drop-down.
  5. Select Run This Program As An Administrator.

Solution 11: Temporarily disable User Account Control (UAC).

The Vista User Account Control (UAC) feature can help prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. Microsoft recommends that you leave UAC turned on to help protect your computer. Re-enable UAC after testing.

To disable UAC:

  1. Choose Start > Control Panel.
  2. Choose User Accounts.

    Note: Choose Classic View in the left pane if User Accounts is not available.

  3. Click Turn User Account Control On Or Off.
  4. Deselect Use User Account Control (UAC) To Help Protect Your Computer and click OK.
  5. Reboot the computer.

Additional Information

For information on other Vista related issues, see "Dreamweaver 8 issues on Windows Vista" (TechNote kb400787).

Please refer to How Adobe Products Support Vista for more information on Adobe product support for Vista,

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