Read this troubleshooting article if you encounter issues while integrating Adobe Campaign with Dreamweaver 2018.


The Adobe Campaign add-on for Dreamweaver is not installed automatically by the Creative Cloud desktop app after you update to Dreamweaver CC 2018.0.


Before you proceed with the resolution, check whether the extension is already installed in your system. To do so, open your Creative Cloud desktop application. In the Home tab, check whether you see the following banner:

Check whether the Dreamweaver Campaign add-on is already installed
Check whether the Campaign add-on is already installed

If you see the installation message in your Creative Cloud app, Adobe Campaign extension is already installed. Launch Dreamweaver from ACS.

If you do not see the installation message, perform the following steps:

  1. Uninstall Dreamweaver. To uninstall Dreamweaver, open the Creative Cloud app, and click Apps. Click the arrow next to Dreamweaver, and click Uninstall.

    Uninstall Dreamweaver
    Uninstall Dreamweaver
  2. Go to your file manager and remove all the Dreamweaver files.

    Check whether you have both Dreamweaver 2017 and Dreamweaver 2018 folders in your system. The presence of both the folders might cause the integration issue with Adobe Campaign.

  3. Open the Creative Cloud app. Click Install next to Dreamweaver.

  4. Go to To download the extension, click the Free button.

    Install the Adobe Campaign add-on
    Install the Adobe Campaign add-on


    If you see an error message in Creative Cloud, sign out of Creative Cloud and sign in again. The sign-in triggers the Creative Cloud app to perform the installation in the background.

  5. Verify whether the add-on is installed. On successful installation, you see the “You installed the Add-on Adobe Campaign Integration” message.

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