Report a service outage | Need urgent in-meeting assistance

The page below shows the status of several Adobe services, including Adobe Connect.

Note: Several Adobe services are shown below. See Adobe Connect status at the bottom under “Other Products."

  • See the following list of Adobe services to check the status of the Adobe Connect hosted service in real time. You can use this page to view issues in progress, as well as historical status and upcoming maintenance windows. Use the red >> button to view previous days.
  • If you don't know what cluster you're on, contact Adobe Connect support by clicking “Chat now” at the bottom of the page to find out.

Note: The status loads in an iframe. If you see white space on the page, it means that the iframe is not loading in your browser. Try to load this page in Internet Explorer as it usually works or check the browser settings. Even if that doesn't work, go to to get the latest update.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties accessing your website or joining your online Adobe Connect meeting, verify the following information:

  • Can you browse other websites via the Internet from your computer?
  • Have there been any recent modifications to the meeting that you are aware of?
  • Are you only witnessing issues in a particular meeting, or are you experiencing issues with all meeting rooms?

Submit a support ticket

The support engineer requires the following information to further research your issue:

  • Meeting room/site URL
  • A few of the user names/logins affected
  • Date and time of the issue
  • System-specific information: browser, OS, Flash Player version
  • Temporary test login credentials, if possible
  • When was the last time you found the meeting room working for you?


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