Adobe Connect 10.1 Release Notes

Read this document for details around the Adobe Connect 10.1 release, including release dates, upgrades, updates, improvements, and known issues.


Adobe Connect enables you to create state-of-the-art digital training, webinar, and collaboration experiences. For an overview of Adobe Connect, see

The Adobe Connect 10.1 release incorporates various improvements and resolves several bugs.

Release dates

Adobe Connect 10.1 rolls out in the following phases:

Hosted services:

Starts on Dec 2, 2018. See Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates to know the migration schedule for your account.

On-premise deployments:

Will be available from Dec 18, 2018.

Managed services:

Contact your Adobe Connect Managed Services (ACMS) representative to schedule an update.

What's new in Adobe Connect 10.1

HTML Client improvements 

  • Video Pod: The video displayed in the Video pod is optimized to suit the user device for an improved video experience.
  • Chat Pod: The Chat pod text is displayed in gray font. The system does not select any font color by default.
  • Meeting room launch workflow changes for Firefox and Edge browsers.
  • Meeting room menu bar speaker menu: Descriptive tool tips added, icon states changed for Mute Attendees and Mute All Sounds for easier differentiation

Login Screen improvements 

  • Recommended banner size reduced to allow faster login screen loading.
  • Font color of default text in login/password text boxes can now be customized along with login screen text color.
  • Updates to logo sizes and default display for login screen.

Connect Central web application improvements 

  • UI improvements to check box and text block type event registration questions.

For more information on the new features and enhancements in Adobe Connect 10.1, see What's New in Adobe Connect.

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, see the Adobe Connect Technical Specifications page.

Adobe Connect application

This update does not include a new version of the Adobe Connect application. 

You are prompted to install the new Adobe Connect application in the following scenario:

  • You share your screen or PowerPoint (PPTX format) files without installing the Adobe Connect application.

If you are an administrator, ensure that end users have the latest Adobe Connect application and Adobe Flash Player (version 13.0 or later) installed. Download the Adobe Connect application from this page, or directly from the following URLs:

Upgrade paths for on-premise deployments

Here are the prerequisites for this release:

  • From Adobe Connect 8.x, first upgrade to Adobe Connect 9. 
  • From Adobe Connect 9.x.

Issues resolved

Issue tracking number

Issue description

4109507 Fixed an issue where the default meeting colors were bright in browser flash client and desktop applications
4109473 Fixed an issue where Adobe Connect desktop application session timeout is not working as expected
4109470 Fixed issue where administrators are unable to update email of primary contact under 'edit information' in 'Administration' tab
4109407 Fixed an issue where Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test dialog is missing from troubleshooting page
4109379 Fixed an issue where publishing from Presenter to Connect throws 400 Server error
4109313 Fixed an issue where Pie chart results of Meeting Poll Reports appear gray after 10.0 upgrade
4109312 Fixed an issue where seminar dashboard appears blank after 10.0 upgrade
4109267 Fixed an issue where courses show status as 'Not Taken' using Chrome or Firefox
4109243 Fixed PPT file conversion progress bar issues during the conversion process when PPT files are shared in a meeting.
4109222 Fixed an issue where 'Remember me' not working as expected on Mac application
4109212 Fixed an issue where if 'block incoming attendees' is selected in the Meeting room and participant click 'request entry', host do not get any notification
4109172 Fixed issues around mirror images displayed during screen shares in a meeting running in the Adobe Connect application.
4109145 Fixed an issue where participants using the HTML client receive mic disconnected notifications when a breakout meeting ends, even though the mic is connected before the start of the meeting. 
4109138 Fixed issues around the Stop Sharing button of the Share pod displayed in black palette for hosts.
4109137 Fixed an issue where course recording freezes on the screen.
4109095 Fixed an issue where the Enable HTML for participants option, if selected, was not reflected on the seminar room information screen in Connect Central.
4109094 Fixed an issue where integrated Audio Providers for on-premise accounts are not visible on the Audio Providers screen.
4109092 Fixed an issue where publishing Captivate file into Connect fails with Network connection error
4109082 Fixed incorrect recommended sizes for the Customize Central banner logo in Adobe Connect Central web application.
4109080 Fixed issues with sending Q&A pod results to .academy emails.
4109040 Fixed an issue where names of hosts, presenters, and participants become invisible after hovering in attendees pod in meeting.
4109039 Fixed an issue where 'Remember me on this computer' not working as expected for desktop applications
4109031 Fixed an issue where users were unable to change the page title using the Page Title and Background option in the Events catalog.
4109010 Fixed an issue where multiple icons appeared in the HTML client app bar when the meeting audio restarted.
4109009 Fixed an issue where users were unable to close the "Audio Conference Details" notifier when the Conference America profile is attached.
4109003, 4108970 Fixed potential cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
4108988 Fixed discrepancies in the email ID of the primary contact displayed in the account summary screen in Connect Central web application and the Edit information screen.
4108866 Fixed an issue where the Telephony dialog box for participants using the HTML client does not appear when the Telephony profile is associated during the meeting.
4108865 Fixed an issue where mic for an HTML client user is shown in connected state in breakouts with UV only provider, after ending the breakout meeting even though no publishing happened.
4108829 Fixed an issue where meeting URL with parameters (launcher=false&proto=true) enters into an infinite redirection loop.
4108824 Fixed an issue where the text box color in the Poll pod differs from the color of text boxes in other pods in HTML client.
4108822 Fixed an issue where the dropdown arrow and select check mark were broken on Audio Profiles screen.
4108807 Fixed an issue, where hidden camera streams in filmstrip mode in Video Pod of the HTML client are not paused.
4108804 Resolved missing "/" characters from the meeting URL in the meeting creation UI.
4108803 Fixed an issue where "Send absentee follow-up after event" trigger do not send email to a registered user.
4108799 Fixed PPT file upload issues in the Share pod for promoted users.
4108780 Fixed SSO workflow issues where a guest user from a browser is unable to enter a meeting if the user name is prefilled in the Registered Username tab
4108779 Fixed an issue where the "You are now in a breakout session" notifier was not displayed in the HTML client when host starts a breakout meeting.
4108730 Fixed slow rendering of the Attendee pod when a user switches from one breakout room to another in HTML client.
4108662 Fixed text wrapping issues in the Notes pod for FireFox version 45 and MS Edge in the HTML client.
4108510 Fixed an issue where host changes  to "Attendee Display Settings" in the Attendee pod are not displayed to HTML client users.
4108346 Fixed accessibility gaps in Create+ button on home page in Connect Central pages, and for meeting start time and duration while creating a meeting by adding contextual assist.
4108109 Fixed an issue where jpeg file uploaded to share pod of connect meeting launched from Adobe Connect Application is blank.
4108071 Fixed unused HSTS response header issues.
4108070 Fixed potential vulnerabilities using browser security controls to block suspected Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.
4108069 Fixed potential vulnerabilities using browser security controls to prevent MIME type confusion attacks.
4108043 Fixed potential vulnerabilities with recordings in Adobe Connect versions earlier than 8.
4088194 Fixed an issue where the phone number matches to a single caller id for multiple users with the same phone number.
4087482 Fixed an issue where the Connect server installer references * at few places.
4086903 Fixed issues where the Connect installer misses validating acceptable/required MSSQL installer passwords for embedded databases.
4086812 Fixed launch issues with Adobe Connect meetings in the Edge browser on Windows 10.
4082741 Fixed an issue where Connect installer fails when SQL is using secure connection

Known Issues

Issue tracking number

Issue Description


Manual LDAP synchronization displays empty preview results even though the LDAP synchronization is reflected in the database.


When no customized logo is uploaded by the user, the default Adobe Connect logo appears on the exit screen and the choice page.


Hidden camera streams in filmstrip view are not paused in Edge browsers in the HTML client.


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