Convert Organizer catalogs for 64-bit versions | Photoshop Elements 13 or later

Convert Photoshop Elements catalogs for use with 64-bit versions

  • Version 13 and later of Elements Organizer do not list catalogs for versions that are older than Photoshop Elements 6.
  • While restoring Organizer catalog backups from versions older than Photoshop Elements 6, catalog conversion fails.

Solution: Use the Catalog Conversion utility


To convert your older catalog to a Photoshop Elements 14 catalog, first convert your catalog to a Photoshop 13 catalog and then to a Photoshop Elements 14 catalog. For more information, see Converting catalogs from Photoshop Elements 5 or earlier to Photoshop Elements 14.

  1. Download the Catalog Conversion utility:

    Laadi alla

  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded archive file to a folder on your hard disk. 

  3. Double-click the PSACatalogConverter.exe file.


    If the application displays an error message and fails to launch, you can download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) from here. After installing this utility, relaunch PSACatalogConverter.exe file.

  4. Click Browse and locate the source .psa catalog database file. Or, type the path to your source catalog file.


    To find the location of your catalog, click Help from the System Info menu in Elements Organizer.

  5. Click Browse to specify the destination folder for the converted catalog. Or, type the path to the destination folder.


    Ensure that you have permission to write to the destination folder.

  6. Click Convert.

  7. At the end of the conversion process, the .pse13db file and the thumbnail cache are available in the specified destination folder.

  8. Launch Elements Organizer, choose File > Manage Catalogs > choose Custom Location and browse to the new location to open the converted catalog.


If conversion fails, open your catalog from the version of Elements Organizer that it was created in, and click File > Manage Catalogs > Repair/Optimize.

Converting catalogs from Photoshop Elements 5 or earlier to Photoshop Elements 14 or later

  1. Download Photoshop Elements 13. 

  2. Convert the catalog to a Photoshop Elements 13 catalog as explained in Solution: Use the Catalog Conversion utility.

  3. In Photoshop Elements 14 or later, click File > Manage Catalogs > Convert.

    Locate your Photoshop Elements 13 catalog and click Convert. The catalog can now be opened in the current version of Photoshop Elements. 

Converting catalog backups

Use Photoshop Elements to work with catalog backups for Photoshop version 5 or older.  

  1. Restore the backup in Photoshop Elements.

  2. Close Elements Organizer and navigate to the location of the restored catalog from Step 1. This folder contains the .psa catalog database file.

  3. Launch Catalog Conversion utility and specify the location to the restored .psa file as the source file.

  4. Choose a destination folder for the conversion.

  5. A .pse13db file is created in the destination folder. Copy the contents of the destination folder. Paste them into the folder where you first restored the catalog for Photoshop Elements (same path as in Step 2).

  6. Launch Elements Organizer and choose File > Manage Catalogs > Custom Location to select the converted catalog.


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