Hide/Unhide a web form

Hide/Unhide a web form

If you would like to remove a web form from the Manage page view, you can hide it.

Hiding a web form only hides it from your view; any other users that have access (via share) will still be able to see it.

  1. Click the Manage tab scroll down to the Web Form section. 

  2. Select the Web Forms filter

  3. Single-click the web form you want to hide

  4. Click the Hide link located in the right rail options.

    • If the web form is still enabled, you are presented with a screen warning you that the web form is still enabled and can be signed by signers.
    Expose the Hide action on the Manage page


    If you do not disable the web form before hiding it, people can still access and sign it. A hidden web form is only removed from your personal view.

Unhiding a web form   

  1. Select the Web forms section of the Manage page.

  2. Click the Filters button.

  3. Check the Display hidden content option.

  4. Click Apply.

    Check the filter to Unhide a web form

  5. When the page refreshes to show the hidden content, single-click the web form you want to unhide.

    This opens the action rail on the right.

  6. Click the Unhide web form option.

    Unhide action for the web form

  7. Verify that you want to unhide the web form.

  8. Refresh your Manage page to see the (unfiltered) list of objects.