Note: Organizations will begin to see the new Admin Console when they log in. Each month, the new console will be revealed to more customers. Gradually, all customers will get access to the new console. If your organization has already been migrated to the new console, see Adobe Stock for teams (new Admin Console).


Applicable role: Administrators

Console: Old Admin Console

With Adobe Stock, admins can manage a team plan in the same admin console as the other Adobe team products. After you purchase the Adobe Stock for teams plan, the admin of the team account must assign the plan to a user for activation. To do this, click Assign user for the product.

Assign the plan to a user for activation

You can assign the Adobe Stock for teams plan to:

  • Yourself
  • An existing team member
  • A user who is not yet a member of your team

After the Adobe Stock plan has been assigned to a user for activation, all team members will have equal access to use the shared Adobe Stock for teams plan. Primary and secondary admins also have access to use the shared Adobe Stock for teams plan once activated. You can also choose to remove the Adobe Stock assignment from a user as needed, but you will then need to assign it to a different user for uninterrupted service.

Add users to Adobe Stock

While adding a new user to your team, if the Adobe Stock for teams plan has already been assigned to an existing user, you will not need to assign it to any new users. Once you've added a user to your team and assigned other team products to the new user, they will also have access to use the Adobe Stock for teams plan.

For more information on how to manage your teams account, see:


After you have activated your Adobe Stock for teams plan, you can review the License History of the team.

The License History page for teams allows you to review the team licensing history with filter options for date ranges and media types. From this page, team members can select the hyperlinked asset ID to view more details about each licensed asset.

Team members can also choose to license an asset again if needed. When an asset is licensed more than once, each licensing action will appear as a separate timestamped row as shown below. Each licensing action will also display the name of the team member who performed the licensing action.

License history and actions

For additional details on using Adobe Stock for teams, see Track and share assets with Adobe Stock for teams.

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