Elements Organizer does not recognize some devices | Mac OS 10.11.x


On Mac OS 10.11.x, Elements Organizer does not recognize the following types of devices:

  • iDevices such as iPad or iPhone
  • Devices (such as camera or Android-based devices) connected in PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) or MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode 

Impacted versions

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premier Elements version 14 or earlier.

Operating system

Mac OS 10.11.x


Workaround for Elements Organizer 14

Install the latest update of Photoshop Elements 14 using any of the following ways:

  1. Launch Photoshop Elements 14.
  2. Select Help > Updates and install the latest Photoshop Elements update.


  • In Adobe Photoshop Elements 14, click the Update Availability Announcement icon, and then click Install Now or Install on Exit.

Once the update is installed, launch Elements Organizer. 

Run the following steps to import images from your iDevice or device connected in PTP or MTP mode:

  1. Select Import >  From iPhone/iPad...

  2. Choose the device from which you want to import the media files. Media files on the device are displayed in the right side of the pane.

  3. To import all images, select Download All. To import only specific images, select the images you want to import, and then click Download.

  4. Once the import progress is over, close the Import dialog box. The files are now displayed in Elements Organizer. 

Workaround for Elements Organizer 13 or earlier

For devices (Cameras, Android based Phones/Tablets) connected in PTP/MTP

Change the device mode from PTP/MTP to USB mode/Mass storage mode and then reconnect it. You can now import media in Elements Organizer.


For information on how to change the mode from PTP/MTP to USB/Mass storage mode, see the documentation that came with your device. 

For iDevices (iPad/iPhone)

  1. After connecting your iDevice to system, launch Image Capture app (Go > Applications > Image Capture). The Image Capture app displays the name of your iDevice -- in the following example, the iDevice is an iPad named Labuser's iPad.

  2. Select the media files that you want to import, and then click Import/Import All.

    The selected media files are copied to the folder /Users/Pictures/<iDevice name>

  3. Open Elements Organizer and select File > Import > From Files and Folders. Then import the users/Pictures/<iDevice Name> folder into which you copied files in the previous step (or select specific media files to import from this folder).

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