End of life | Adobe Flash and Shockwave Player

Shockwave player has reached end-of-life, effective April 9, 2019. Adobe will stop updating and distributing Flash Player after December 31, 2020.

About Flash Player end-of-life

Adobe will stop updating and distributing Flash Player after December 31, 2020. (end-of-life date).

All major browser vendors, block Flash Player making it difficult to view Flash content. At most, they provide an 'allow once' option to allow Flash. Chrome and Firefox have already published their projections around when they'll stop supporting Flash. To know more, see:

Open standards such as HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly can serve as viable alternatives for Flash content. Most websites have since long switched to HTML5, which is a more efficient and secure coding option. Also, the major browser vendors are integrating the open standards into their browsers and deprecating other plug-ins, such as Flash Player.

After 2020, Adobe’s long-term distribution partner, Harman will be the official enterprise distributor for Flash Player. It will provide support and security updates for customers who require commercial support options beyond the EOL date.

Harman, can assist Enterprise customers identify solutions for their content. We recommend getting in touch with them and for help with the transition.

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About Shockwave Player end-of-life

Adobe has discontinued Shockwave Player from April 9, 2019. You can no longer download the Shockwave Player for Windows from the Adobe website.

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Adobe Runtimes application support is only available on forums:


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