Adobe LiveCycle Forms Manager simplifies managing LiveCycle forms and their related assets and allows non-IT users to perform form management. LiveCycle Forms Manager provides options on the user interface for the commonly-used form actions, such as upload, preview, configure, activate, and deactivate forms.

If you have a large numbers of forms and related assets, such as fragments and images, a single consolidated view of the forms repository helps developers and administrators search, list, and view all forms in the system. It also helps them manage the complete lifecycle of forms - from a developer's desktop to offering it on a portal server for end users.

Adobe® LiveCycle® ES4 offers Forms Manager--a module that simplifies form management tasks. Forms Manager is part of Forms Pro and offers the following capabilities to developers and form administrators:

  • Upload and download forms to the repository using an HTML user interface
  • Search for forms by running a full-text search covering various attributes such as name, description, date, and author.
  • Add or update form metadata such as title, description, custom properties, and custom tags
  • Configure submit URL and render profile for the form
  • Perform on-demand or scheduled activation or deactivation of forms
  • Preview forms as PDF or HTML - with or without sample data
  • View and browse form relationships
LiveCycle Forms Manager


View complete documentation of Forms Manager.


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