Tape-based workflows retired in Premiere Pro

Support for tape-based workflows has been removed from Premiere Pro. 

What are tape-based workflows? 

Tape-based workflows include capturing video from tape, importing it into Premiere Pro, and exporting it to tape, including DVCAM, miniDV, and HDCAM. They are little used today. 

Why did Premiere Pro end support for tape-based workflows? 

Modernizing Premiere Pro means removing legacy technologies. 

While some users still use tape for archiving video content, the industry has moved towards all-digital workflows, which have advantages for media asset management, cloud workflows, and generally streamlining production.


XDCAM deck connected to a dedicated video interface via SDI can still be used, with utility applications provided by the manufacturer of the video interface. Exporting to XDCAM drive mounted by the OS as file system volumes will not be affected by these changes.


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