Data loading fails when using a no-cache header Pragma

Because of issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer, loading data via SSL into the Flash Player ActiveX control doesn't work if the server uses a no-cache header. The problem occurs if the server is using SSL and has added one or both of the following HTTP headers to the response message:

Pragma: no-cache Cache-control: no-cache,max-age=0,must-revalidate

To solve this issue and receive data via SSL in Flash Player, remove the no-cache settings that are listed above from the server.

Data doesn't load correctly with a Self-signed certificate

The Flash Player Active X control does not trust self-signed SSL certifications unless they are manually imported into the browser. This issue occurs often on a testing environment when the users don't want to have a fully signed SSL certificate on a testing server. To manually import a certificate, choose Tools > Internet Options. Click the Content tab and then click Certificates. The Certificates window appears with the button along the bottom of the window to Import.

Self-signed SSL certifications

Note: The decision to use a self-signed certificate for final production has implications for a website. Visitors to the website have to import the certificate for data to load into a Flash Player movie, as described above. Visitors who do not accept the certification have limited access to the website.

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