In Flash Player 10, the bitmap size limitations were increased from earlier limits of 2880 x 2880 pixels. The maximum stage size also increased. However, the new Flash Player 10 limits are more complex and developers often confuse bitmap limits with overall SWF file stage size limits.

Bitmap limits

Flash Player 10 increased the maximum size of a bitmap to a maximum pixel count of 16,777,215 (the decimal equivalent of 0xFFFFFF).  There is also a single-side limit of 8,191 pixels. These restrictions mean that either the width or the height can be 8,191 pixels as long as the total pixel count isn't exceeded. These restrictions are documented at

To access the increased bitmap size limits, it's required that the compiled is SWF version 10 or later. Content compiled to a SWF 9 target and running in Flash Player 10 or later are still subject to Flash Player 9 limits (2880 x 2880 pixels).

The largest square bitmap allowed is 4,095 x 4,095 pixels.  Nonrectangular size limits vary, for example, the following sizes all fit within Flash Player 10 limits:

  • 2169 x 7735
  • 3133 x 5355
  • 3315 x 5061
  • 3615 x 4641
  • 4095 x 4097
  • 4097 x 4095
  • 4641 x 3615
  • 5061 x 3315
  • 5355 x 3133
  • 7735 x 2169

For further detail on bitmap limits, see BitmapData in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Help (

Using bitmaps beyond these sizes can result in unexpected behavior. See Additional information for important detail.

Stage size limits

The usable stage size limit in Flash Player 10 is roughly 4,050 pixels by 4,050 pixels. However, the usable size of the stage varies depending on the settings of the QUALITY tag. In some cases, it's possible to see graphic artifacts when stage size approaches the 3840 pixel range.

Changing quality affects the anti-aliasing of the stage.  When quality is lower Flash Player, can display more stage area. For example, if you draw a sprite or a bitmap 5,000 pixels wide, and quality is Low, then it's possible that you correctly draw the sprite.  However, if quality is high, Flash Player adjusts the limits of the visible stage to fit within its available drawing memory. Therefore, the sprite could cut off in the 4,050 pixel area. 

Additional information

Note: Adobe Technical Support doesn't support or assist with issues using elements beyond these limits.

These limits are tested in the development cycle for Flash Player, but if you choose to develop beyond these boundaries, Adobe cannot guarantee consistent behavior.  You can experience varied issues including graphic artifacts, low memory, slow graphic performance and crashing. If you are experiencing these issues, closely examine the requirements of the project and rebuild within the above limits.

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