Generate output using the default publish settings

FrameMaker is one of the most popular authoring tools because of the many output formats it supports. Using FrameMaker’s publishing feature, you can make your content available in any of the following formats:

  • PDF
  • Responsive HTML5
  • Mobile App
  • EPUB
  • Kindle
  • Microsoft HTML Help
  • Adobe Experience Manager Mobile
  • Basic HTML

You can also choose to customize your output by changing styles and themes, setting templates, enabling encoding, or setting up content search options. Use the Publish pod to generate output in one or multiple formats with a single click.

Publish content to a single output format

  1. Choose File > Publish.

    Alternatively, press Esc p h.

  2. Select the output format in the list and click Generate Selected Output  icon.

    Alternatively, double-click the required output format.

  3. When the publish process is complete, the Publish Result dialog displays the location of the output.

    • To view the publish logs, click View Log.
    • To view the output in the default application (a web browser or an eBook reader), click View Output.

Publish content to multiple output formats

  1. Choose File > Publish.

    Alternatively, press Esc p h.

  2. Click Generate Multiple Outputs  icon.

  3. In the Generate Multiple Outputs dialog, select one or more output formats and click Generate.

  4. FrameMaker starts generating output for the selected formats. Once the output generation process completes, the information in the Last Generated and Status columns in the Generate Multiple Output dialog changes to reflect the result of the output generation process.

    To view the output, select the desired output format and click View


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