Adobe Connect 11.2.1 Release Notes

This document contains details about the Adobe Connect 11.2.1 release, including release dates, technical requirements, upgrades, improvements, and known issues.


Adobe Connect enables you to create rich digital training, webinars, and collaboration experiences. For an overview of Adobe Connect, see

Adobe Connect 11.2.1 is a maintenance release fixing various issues and is available as a patch.

Release dates

Adobe Connect 11.2.1 rolls out in the following phases:

Hosted services:

Upgrades will begin on Apr 03, 2021. See Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates to determine the upgrade date for your account.

On-premise deployments:

Will be available from Apr 15, 2021.

Managed services:

Contact your Adobe Connect Managed Services (ACMS) representative, or private cloud provider, to schedule an upgrade.

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, see the Adobe Connect Technical Specifications page.

Adobe Connect application

This update does not include a new version of the Adobe Connect application, however we will be releasing updated version of the new standard applications shortly and will publish their release notes separately.

You will be prompted to install and run the Adobe Connect application in the following situations:

  • You attempt to login to a meeting using a previous version of the Adobe Connect meeting application.
  • You attempt to share your screen from a browser.
  • You select “Switch to desktop application” from the meeting context menu.

The 'lightning installer' workflow, which installed the application directly from within the meeting, required the Flash Player and is no longer available.

If you are an administrator, ensure that end users have the latest Adobe Connect application. Download the latest stand-alone or MSI installers for the Adobe Connect application  from this page, or install directly from the following URLs:

Upgrade paths for on-premise deployments

Here are the prerequisites for this release:

  • From Adobe Connect 8.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.x
  • From Adobe Connect 9.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 11.2 before applying this patch
  • From Adobe Connect 10.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 11.2 before applying this patch

Issues resolved

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description

4126912 Fixed an issue clicking in a in-product notification crashed the room an opens the ownloas page in application window
4126855 Fixed mobile audio leak in Standard view rooms
4126784 Fixed an issue where 'Email Chat' was not working when an empty private Chat tab was present
4126764 Fixed issue where the meeting menu bar incorrectly showed an unmuted icon for a user whose microphone level was set to '0'
4126690 Fixed an issue where the return/enter key was ignored when pasting text on a whiteboard or drawing annotations
4126651 Fixed an issue where the meeting usage report could not be downloaded
4126625 Fixed an issue when a white screen would show up when a user clicked on private chats with users who's names started with blanks
4126588, 4122500 Fixed an issue where poll reports were not getting saved and would not open or display in the reports tab even after closing the poll
4126582 Fixed an issue where FMG server becomes unresponsive when UV conference is started/stopped multiple times
4126558 Fixed an issue where webcam video in a recording was not visible in Standard view but was visible in Classic view
4126431 Fixed an issue where Course or Curriculum notifications did not go through if the course did not have an end date
4126407, 4123797 Improved infrastructure to resolve the frequent browser disconnection issues that were reported
4126367 Fixed the missing 'Enable Custom Pod' compliance setting with 11.2
4126341 Fixed an issue where speaking icon was displayed in the Attendee pod even if the user was not speaking (Safari browser on iOS devices only)
4126269 Fixed an issue where users are able to unmute themselves in Standard view when telephone conference is in 'Lecture mode' 
4126198 Fixed an issue where 'Email Chat' was not working in Standard view if timestamps are enabled
4126105 Fixed an issue where after publishing the event, E-mail report for "invitation email" shows as Rejected/Error
4126035, 4125839 Fixed an issue where the Adobe Connect desktop application was unresponsive when changing layouts
4125600 Fixed an issue where images in 'Embedded Image PDF' format were not displayed in Standard view for Mac
4125468 Fixed an issue where earlier an version of a PDF document was displayed even though a newer version was uploaded in the Content library in Adobe Connect Central
4124959, 4119255 Fixed an issue where 'View votes' or 'Edit poll' options were not available in Poll pod in Standard view unless the pod is sufficiently wide. These options are now also available in the Pod menu.
4122460 Fixed an issue where meeting content could be downloaded for public access meetings
4122459 Fixed an issue where recording content could be downloaded for public access recordings
4123545 Fixed an issue where screen sharing would stop when enhanced rights were changed
4122928 Fixed an issue where the meeting interface would rapidly shake or resize in Standard view in a browser
4122872 Fixed an issue where the Attendee list was not sorting correctly when a meeting was put on hold or a user did a stepped away action
4120748 Fixed an issue where print and download options were missing for shared pdfs


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